FPA-5510iX Stepper

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FPA-5510iX steppers provide large-field device imaging without stitching adjacent fields

FPA-5510iX steppers adopt a high-NA, 1/2 reduction projection lens to deliver 0.5 um resolution across a large 50 mm x 50 mm exposure field. The FPA-5510iX is suitable for products requiring large field exposure such as *MEMS devices and image sensors that can require a larger field than Front-End-Of-the-Line (FEOL) lithography exposure area (26mm x 33mm) and can avoid pattern **stitching that is disadvantageous from the viewpoint of image quality & productivity. The ability to expose large fields in a single exposure provides the FPA-5510iX with a big advantage.

*MEMS: "Micro Electro Mechanical Systems" or MEMS are devices with a micron level mechanical structures that integrate sensors, actuators and electronic circuits.

**Stitching exposure: A method of increasing exposure field size by connecting two or more adjacent exposure regions. The positional accuracy and alignment of the adjacent exposure regions directly affects the yield.

Technical Specifications

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