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  • Newest addition to the Canon EOS VR System designed with APS-C sensors in mind.
  • This new lens features an interpupillary distance of 60mm, and a 144º field-of-view for creating 180º content, much easier for capturing content where you don’t have to worry about the tripod or your feet ending up in the frame.
  • For Autofocus, a gear-type STM actuates both left and right lenses similtaneously to acheive autofocus similar to any regular RF Lens. Autofocus only operates in still photo mode, but is a great way to pre-focus before shooting video. Utilizes equidistant projection, ideally suited for VR production.
  • ø30.5mm filters can be mounted on the lens mount end, as well as pre-cut gel or polyester filters.
  • Air Sphere Coating (ASC) is used in this lens to reduce ghosting. This is the first time ASC has been utilized on a non-L series lens within Canon.
  • 2 UD elements and a 7-blade aperture speak to the quality of components used in this lens.
  • A powerful solution for those that want to step-up from a compact 180º VR cams without breaking the bank.
  • Exclusively compatible with EOS R7 APS-C 32.5MP camera with the firmware 1.5.0+
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