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Speedlite 470EX-AI

470EX AI
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  • Mini Stand and New Bounce Adapter Accessories Included.
  • World's First Flash Equipped with an AI Bounce Function*.
  • AI.B Full-auto Mode and AI.B Semi-auto Mode Settings.
  • Charge Status Indicated in LCD Panel.
  • AF Assist Beam Emission in Low-light Scenes.
  • Maximum Guide Number of 47 (154 ft./47m) at ISO 100.
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* As of February 25, 2018. EOS cameras sold up until June 2014, as well as EOS Rebel T7, EOS Rebel T6, EOS M6, EOS M5 and EOS M3, do not support AI.B full-auto.
** Wide Panel for up to 14mm coverage.