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VarioPrint i-series+

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iQuarius technologies empower high-speed, sheet-fed inkjet versatility:

  • iQuarius proprietary CMYK inks provide outstanding quality and productivity with a broad color gamut, print robustness, and media compatibility at low inkjet cost.
  • Optional Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) integrated print heads to support both high-volume color inkjet printing and MICR applications on a single platform.
  • Sheet Entry Control via the Sentry unit provides full-speed automated detection of any paper deformations that could lead to a print head touch, purging sheets without interrupting production.
  • Precision Sheet Control is provided by a seamless metal belt that holds inkjet imaged sheets flat with air suction, helping move them smoothly, precisely and at high speed through the press.
  • An iQuarius Drying System uses four distinct drying principles at once: induction-heated drum; carbon infrared radiation (CIR); air impingement; and air suction - producing a high-quality, robust printed product.
  • An Inline Quality Control system prints a test/nozzle failure detection sheet at regular intervals (operator configurable) and scans it in-line applying compensation when needed, automatically to help maintain quality.
  • Print head technology from the industry leading ColorStream delivers up to 80 million drops per second while providing precision imaging at 600 x 600 dpi with multilevel drop size modulation for image quality with the visual perception of 1,200 dpi.
  • Media input and output technologies from the market proven VarioPrint 6000+ series provides reliable, high-performance feeding with air separation and suction feeding along with seamless tray switching and true "all media from all trays" capability*.
  • Proven PRISMAsync controller platform offers intuitive operation and intelligent media management helping drive maximum productivity. PRISMAsync handles native PDF and IPDS/AFP data input and combined with PRISMA workflow software it enables workflow alignment within the shop for maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Auto-maintenance routines including automatic print head refresh modes and print head maintenance during operation help maintain optimal quality and productivity while helping reduce operator intervention.
  • "Sense and Support" predictive maintenance helps to minimize operator intervention and maximize uptime.