Firmware Notice: RC-IP1000: Firmware Version 1.1.0

Firmware Version 1.1.0 incorporates the following enhancements:

  1. Adds support for the latest remote PTZ camera’s firmware. CR-N700 (Ver. 1.4.0), CR-N500 (Ver. 1.5.0), CR-N300 (Ver. 1.5.0), CR-N100 (Ver. 1.1.0), CR-X300 (Ver. 1.3.0)
  2. Adds support for the latest version of add-on applications. Auto Tracking Application RA-AT001 (Ver. 1.2.2), Auto Loop Application RA-AL001 (Ver. 1.2.0).
  3. Adds support for EOS C400.
  4. Adds support for the latest video camera’s firmware. EOS C500 Mark II (Ver., EOS C300 Mark III (Ver., EOS C70 (Ver., XF605 (Ver.
  5. Adds function for preset/trace thumbnail display.
  6. Enables the ability to output [IP Multi View] and [Preset/Trace List] to SDI and HDMI.
  7. Adds functions of touch operation for switching target of auto tracking and moving silhouette position.
  8. Adds function for focus guide display during manual focus.
  9. Adds function for Shooting Information Display on PICTURE Screen.
  10. Adds function for Assist settings (Waveform Monitor display, Vectorscope display, Marker display).
  11. Adds new function “Touch Function” on the PICTURE screen.
  12. Adds functions for copying camera settings and backup/restore.
  13. Adds support for Elgato Stream Deck.
  14. Adds support for XC protocol control from external devices.
  15. Adds new function “ExCAM”.
  16. Changes the setting when assigning Zoom to F5 dial.
    - Turn clockwise: Zoom in
    - Turn counterclockwise: Zoom out
  17. Changes the upper limits of [LCD Brightness] to 10 and [LED Brightness] to 7 when [LCD/LED Bright. Restrict.] is selected in [PoE+ Restrictions].
  18. Adds [Disable Front USB] to [PoE+ Restrictions].
  19. Adds [Chinese] to selectable languages.

Refer to the RC-IP1000 Settings Guide for instructions on updating the firmware.

<Firmware file>
- update_rcip1000.rom

The firmware contains software modules developed by third parties.
For details and license conditions for each module, see ReadMe-E.txt in the downloaded file and rcip1000-ossinfo.pdf in the "ThirdPartySoftware" folder in the "LICENSE" folder.

Do not turn off the power to the controller while performing the firmware update.
Update the camera, application, controller to the latest firmware.

Windows 10 64bit, Windows 11
macOS 14, macOS 13

Supported Models:
LAN (XC Protocol)
CR-N700, CR-N500, CR-N300, CR-N100, CR-X300, EOS C500 Mark II, EOS C400, EOS C300 Mark III, EOS C70, XF605
RS-422 (NU Protocol)
CR-X500, CR-X300, XF605

Preparations for a firmware update:

  1. Download the file to any folder.
  2. Extract files from a compressed file (ZIP file).
  3. For further instructions, refer to the RC-IP1000 Settings Guide for instructions on updating the firmware.


Download Firmware Version 1.1.0.

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