Whether capturing a service on a campus, doing missionary work in the field or live streaming a religious service or community event, high-quality images help convey your message in the most efficient way. Canon cameras, camcorders and lenses are trusted by professionals around the world, and can provide an emotionally charged look to your productions. Offering a range of solutions ideal for congregations of all types, sizes and budgets, Canon can help your staff nurture their community and keep the faithful informed.


Times Square Church

Times Square Church upgraded their video capabilities from a broadcast to a cinematic look using Canon 4K Cinema Cameras and Lenses.

7 Hills Church

The enhancements allowed 7 Hills Church to create content seven days a week, elevate their message, and deliver a refined online experience to grow their base.

Southeast Christian Church

Southeast Christian Church has multiple campuses serving the specific needs of the areas in which they are located, while receiving centralized teaching.

The Salvation Army Hollywood

Equipped with six CR-N500 PTZs and an RC-IP100 Controller, The Salvation Army is able to to live-stream their services to the local community.

Transformation Church

Equipped with Canon Cinema EOS cameras and lenses, Transformation Church live streams their worship services and creates content for their website and social media channels.

Red Rocks Church

At Red Rocks Church in Denver, Colorado, high-quality cinematic shooting is used to tell their story. 


Team Up with Canon Financing

Leasing enables you to pay for the equipment as it is being used, which facilitates efficiency and productivity for any organization. Canon Financial Services (CFS) offers a variety of leasing and payment plan options to make owning a Canon product easy and affordable. Plans include the financing of equipment, including tax, with no down payment. Once the lease is in place, upgrades of the equipment and add-ons are very easily accomplished.

Cameras and Screens stacked together


We've Got Your Back

With Canon service and support, you'll always have someone in your corner. Our world-class programs offer not only excellence in customer care, but also a range of live and online resources to keep you updated with the latest imaging technology and techniques.

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