Equipping your Canon camera with compatible Canon lenses is a powerful combination that unlocks full potential. See astonishing autofocus, impressive image stabilization, inspiring performance and results, whether shooting stills or video.


Cinema Lenses

We have accepted the universal challenge to create new, bold, contemporary optics for a global cinematic creative community with our lenses that have changed the landscape of creative possibilities. Canon’s signature color reproduction and advanced optics have influenced the world of motion pictures, television shows, OTT series and documentaries. Every filmmaker at every experience level can find a Canon cinema lens to suit their creative aspirations.

Canon cinema sumire 135

Broadcast Lenses

Our own technology called Air Sphere Coating adds an additional layer on top of normal multilayer coatings, minimizing internal reflections that lower light efficiency and contaminate deep black reproduction. Canon broadcast lenses also help correct wide-ranging chromatic aberrations with aspherical lenses and make full use of our advanced image stabilization technology, all in a highly compact and lightweight body.

Canon 4k broadcast lens

RF Lens World

Take a deeper dive into the world of RF Lenses and discover impressive designs, amazing features, and beyond!  Discover all the advantages of RF Lenses including more compact designs, faster and more complete information sharing with the 12-pin communication system, also enabling future expansion. 


Mirrorless Lenses

Designed to take advantage of everything your EOS R series camera has to offer, our wide range of RF lenses provide the performance and versatility you need. Increased speed with a 12-pin communication system. More compact designs for portability. A customizable control ring on each one for your personal needs. Equip your R series camera with an RF lens and let your creativity reach its maximum potential.

Canon RF 85mm lens

DSLR Lenses

For hobbyists or pros, there's an EF lens to match your vision and bring out the best in your Canon DSLR camera. From impressive detail in our macro options to amazing range in our telephotos, you can get brilliant results shooting both stills and videos. These EF lenses can even be used with our EOS R series cameras when combined with an EF EOS-R mount adapter.

Canon DSLR EF 400 mm F2.8 LIS II lens

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