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Notice to our CPS Members regarding closure of California, New Jersey, Illinois and Hawaii Service Facilities:

Due to direction from state and local authorities in CA, NJ, IL & HI our Canon service facilities in those states are temporarily closed until further notice. All equipment repairs will be directed to our Factory Service Center in Newport News, VA. We apologize for any inconvenience or delays that may occur during this time.

Canon Professional Services (CPS) provides support for the emerging to full time imaging professional. CPS members receive exclusive phone and email support, equipment loans, expedited and discounted equipment repairs, on site support and discounts for Canon Live Learning workshops.


To determine what level of CPS best suits your needs, equipment is assigned a point value on the Qualified Products List.
Points are accrued as they are entered on your CPS account to qualify for Silver, Gold or Platinum.

CPS Canon Professional Services
Membership Level Requirements & Fees





Annual Membership Fee FREE $100 $300 $1000
Qualifications 10 Points 20 Points 50 Points Qualified Cinema Product
Qualified Products List View Products View Products View Products View Products
Introductory Membership Welcome Kit CPS ID Card Gold Member Gift
CPS Pro Strap
Platinum Member Gift
CPS Pro Strap
Cinema Member Gift
Exclusive Member Hotline
Repair Discount 20% up to 10 pieces 30% up to 15 pieces 30% up to 20 pieces
Equipment Evaluation Loans Upon Availability Priority Priority
(includes Cinema products)
Repair Coverage Loan After Service Turnaround After Repair Received After Repair Received
Expedited Service 3-5 Business Days 3 Business Days 2 Business Days **2 Business Days
Show Support
Event Support
Canon Maintenance Service (CMS)
(for DSLR & EF Lens)
5 Pieces 10 Pieces 10 Pieces
Canon Live Learning Program Discounts
CPS Website Profile and Program Discounts
Service Facility Shipments
(Must be pre-arranged with Service Facility)
N/A Free Return Shipping *Free Shipping Both Ways *Free Shipping Both Ways
*Membership benefits are subject to Canon Professional Services Terms and Conditions.
**Products eligible for 2 Business Day Turnaround Time include: EOS DSLR, EF Lenses, Speedlites, and Battery Grips. (Cinema Cameras, Cinema Lenses and all other accessories are excluded)
Canon Live Learning

Online courses and live events, nationwide.

Canon Digital Learning Center

Exclusive photo tips, galleries, and more.

Personalized Support for the Imaging Professional | Canon USA

Personalized Support for the Imaging Professional | Canon USA