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Membership is available only to those individuals (self-employed or employed by a professional imaging business), who play a direct role in the creation of moving or still images for third parties on a full-time basis and are legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.

CPS Introductory Membership Welcome Kits are generally shipped within 7-10 business days from the date an approved membership application has been fully processed by Canon U.S.A. If you do not receive a Welcome Kit within that time frame, contact or call CPS at 1-888-CPS-4540.

CPS has assigned a point value to the ownership of eligible Canon-brand equipment which is used to help determine a professional’s desired or appropriate membership level. Please refer to the “Qualified Products List” links on the “About CPS” page for more information.

If your total points have reduced, it is because one or more of your Qualified Products have reached its/their end of supported service life, as determined by Canon U.S.A., Inc. in its sole discretion.  Once Canon deems a Qualified Product to have reached its end of supported service life, that product will cease to be a Qualified Product, and will no longer appear in your list of Qualified Products, thus reducing your points balance.

Login to your My Canon Account & click the Canon Professional Services tab to view your account. An “Upgrade” link will appear in the black box at the top of your account page if you are eligible. Click to proceed with the online transaction, or call (877) CPS-8122 to speak with an agent. 

No. Although members may upgrade anytime during their current membership term, no refunds, credits or discounts resulting from time remaining on that current membership term will be applied to the fee for the upgraded level.

Your membership term is one year from the date you accept the Terms and Conditions and pay the membership fee (if applicable). If you renew prior to the end of your current membership, then the new term will be one year from the expiration date of your current membership term.

Yes. We have coordinated with other Canon companies on a global level to ensure that you are the only one with your CPS member number.

For your own protection, we require that you keep your current address up to date with CPS. Your address can be updated once you login to your My Canon Account. CPS staff cannot update this for you.

There is no grace period. Your membership expires on the expiration date listed on your CPS member card and in the Membership Information section on your My Canon Account page. Once your CPS membership expires, you will not be entitled to any of the benefits under the CPS program.

Twenty nine (29) days prior to the expiration of your one year membership term, the Membership Information section on your “My Canon Account” page will be updated to allow you to renew your membership. An e-mail renewal notice will also be automatically sent as a reminder. Renew your membership as soon as possible to prevent any gap in your membership status. Please note, renewal may take up to 24 hours to process.

You will not have the option to renew your membership until 29 days prior to your current expiration date. If you renew prior to the expiration date of your current membership term, then the new one year membership term will begin on the expiration date of your current membership term.

In Canon's continuing efforts to reduce its environmental impact and pursue its environmental vision, CPS will no longer send a new membership card with each renewal. CPS membership cards no longer indicate an expiration date and should be retained for the duration of your involvement in the CPS program.

You will no longer receive CPS Member benefits.

Currently, there are local CPS programs in Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia, Korea, Brazil and Mexico. Please check with your local Canon Sales Company for membership availability in countries not listed here. Your CPS Membership benefits are not transferable to other countries.

CPS Pro Rush Service is an expedited repair service offered to current CPS members based on their membership level.

Yes, Silver members are not eligible for any discounts on the cost of repairs to their equipment and cannot receive Repair Coverage Loans.

Products sent for repair must be registered in your My Canon Account before they can be sent in. Products sent in for repair that are not registered in your My Canon Account will be processed as a general repair and are not eligible for any discount you may otherwise be entitled to.

The following products are not eligible for CPS discounts or expedited repairs:

  • Products that have been modified, other than by Canon Factory Service Center Technicians
  • Products sent in by a dealer or other third party
  • Products that are counterfeit.

Additionally, you can only receive a discount on a certain number of repairs depending on your membership level. A repair discount will be applied on up to 10 repairs for Gold Members, and up to 15 repairs for Platinum, and up to 20 repairs for Cinema Members during the membership period. Any repairs on additional units will be billed using Canon’s current standard pricing.

The CPS Repair Lists, which specify products eligible for repair by membership level and based on service life, are updated as new products become available and as older products reach their end of their service life.

No. Repair discounts are available to Gold, Platinum, and Cinema Members only. However, Silver members do receive 3-5 business day service turnaround on repairs.

Yes, some Cinema products are eligible for expedited service turn around time and/or repair discounts based on the CPS membership level. Please refer to the "Repair List" that corresponds with each CPS membership level which can be found under the Repairs tab on the CPS website. Please note, there is no CMS (Canon Maintenance Service) for any Cinema equipment regardless of CPS membership level.

CMS provides preventive maintenance on the DSLR/Mirrorless and EF/RF Lens equipment entered in your CPS Account: comprehensive cleaning of the camera or lens (including image sensor cleaning), tightening of any loose parts, and an operational function check. Dust cleaning inside a lens, and any service operation that would require disassembly of a product, are not included in this service. If it is determined that additional service is required, you will be contacted with the details.


Eligible CMS for CPS Gold, Platinum, and Cinema members will be an 18-Point Digital SLR/Mirrorless Maintenance Service or 11-Point EF/RF Lens Maintenance Service, based on your Qualified Product Eligible for Repair.


18-point DSLR/Mirrorless Maintenance Service:

  • Clean Image Sensor
  • Clean Mirror
  • Clean Focus Screen
  • Clean External Viewfinder
  • Clean External LCD Surface
  • Clean Camera Body
  • Check Moving parts (buttons, doors, latches)
  • Check Operation of Hot Shoe
  • Check Memory Card Insertion and Removal
  • Check Lens Attachment and Removal
  • Check Camera/Lens Communication
  • Perform Simple Image Test (exposure, color balance, resolution)
  • Verify Camera Shutter Count
  • Check Internal Error Messages
  • Check Operation of Terminals and Jacks
  • Tighten External Screws
  • Verify Firmware Version and Update (if Required)
  • Perform Pixel Mapping for Hot or Dead Pixels (if Required)


11-point EF/RF Lens Maintenance Service:

  • Clean External Lens Optics
  • Clean External Lens Body
  • Check Lens Attachment and Removal
  • Check Camera/Lens Communication
  • Check External Lens Barrel
  • Check Operation of Focus, Iris and Zoom Rings
  • Check Operation of Tripod Collar (if applicable)
  • Check Aperture Function
  • Perform Image Test (Check Exposure and Shutter Speed)
  • Tighten External Screws
  • Verify Firmware Version and Update (if required)

Yes. As with all CPS program benefits, the complimentary CMS benefits expire at the same time as your membership, and do not roll over if your membership is renewed.

No. The CMS benefits are applied to your Membership Profile, and cannot be transferred or shared.

Subject to the availability of parts, Canon will provide the following Turnaround times on DSLR/Mirrorless equipment and EF/RF lenses: Cinema and Platinum members will receive Two (2) Business Day Turnaround Time, Gold members will receive Three (3) Business Day Turnaround Time, and Silver members will receive 3-5 Business Day Turnaround Time. Turnaround time begins on the date of repair approval by the member and Canon’s receipt of payment, and ends on the return ship date from Canon. Turnaround time does not include weekends, Canon observed holidays or days that the relevant Canon facility is closed due to circumstances beyond its control (i.e. inclement weather). The CPS member will be notified if there is a delay in the applicable Turnaround Time.

The Turnaround Time listed above may vary on Cinema products. Please contact your service facility for more details.

For Silver members, Service Turnaround Time is 3-5 Business Days and is not guaranteed.

For Gold members, the Service Turnaround Time is Three (3) Business Days. Gold Members are entitled to request a Repair Coverage Loan if the Three (3) Business Day Turnaround Time has not been met. Please note that Repair Coverage Loans are subject to availability. If a Repair Coverage Loan is not available, a $100 repair voucher will be issued, which has an expiration date of one (1) year from date of issue.

For Platinum and Cinema members, the Service Turnaround Time is Next Business Day. Platinum Members are entitled to Two (2) Business Day Turnaround Time has not been met and a Repair Coverage Loan was not available, a $100 repair voucher will be issued, which has an expiration date of one (1) year from date of issue.

The Turnaround Time listed above may vary on Cinema products. Please contact your service facility for more details.

Repair Coverage Loan requests can be made through the service facility to which you are sending, or have sent, your repair.

No more than 3 pieces per member from the CPS Repair List can be sent in for Pro Rush Service at any one time. In the unusual circumstance where more than 3 pieces may need repair at one time, please contact the nearest Canon Factory Service Center first, so that special arrangements can be made, if appropriate. For Qualified CPS Cinema Products, if more than 1 piece is sent in at a time, turnaround time is not guaranteed.

Canon offers an Enterprise CPS program that is customized to provide service and support benefits to medium and large sized organizations that own large quantities of Canon imaging products. Please click here for more details.

Log into your My Canon Account, click on the Service & Support tab and select your product.

You can then select the service or repair option that best suits your needs and follow the instructions. You can also find the nearest Service Location including hours of operation and holiday closures (updated one business day prior to the holiday).

Be sure your equipment is listed in My Products. If not, a one-time product registration will be needed. Click on “Product Registration” to add a product.

Equipment Evaluation Loans are available only to Gold, Platinum and Cinema members in “good standing” (as defined in the Program Terms and Conditions). Loaned equipment can only be shipped within the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. Cinema and Platinum members receive priority access over Gold members to Equipment Evaluation Loans.

Only one Equipment Evaluation Loan may be requested or be in process at a time. Once an active loan is returned, then another can be requested according to the advance notice required per membership level. See the membership Terms & Conditions for the applicable level for further restrictions.

See the Equipment Evaluation List by membership level on the Evaluation Loans page on the CPS website.

Refer to the Contact Info section under Canon Professional Services (CPS) on your My Canon Account page for contact information. Gold member requests require a minimum of two weeks advance notice.

CPS covers outgoing shipping costs for Equipment Evaluation Loans. Members are responsible for return shipping, packaging and shipping carrier insurance costs.

No, Equipment Evaluation Loans are processed on a first-come, first-served basis by membership level, loan history and are subject to availability. Although we strive to keep our loan equipment functioning properly, it is borrowed and used extensively so, we highly recommend that you have your own backup equipment.

Gold members have an Equipment Evaluation Loan limit of once per lifetime per item. Platinum and Cinema members have an Equipment Evaluation Loan limit of twice per lifetime per item except for products indicated by an “*” on the Evaluation List, which may only be loaned once per lifetime per item.


The duration of an Equipment Evaluation Loan is ten calendar days, starting when the loaned product is shipped to you and ending when we receive the loaned product back.

In accordance with the CPS Program Terms and Conditions, the CPS Member is responsible for all products and accessories borrowed including, but not limited to, caps, straps, hoods, cases, covers, batteries, cables, etc. CPS equipment sent to you includes all appropriate accessories. Damage to/or loss of any item while in your possession will be billed to you. Insurance on borrowed equipment is the CPS Member's responsibility.

No. You must return Equipment Evaluation Loan or Repair Coverage Loan equipment to the USA. A return shipping label is included with every loan and lists the return address.

If your equipment is lost or stolen, CPS will attempt to provide, at our discretion, loan equipment on a short-term basis for Gold, Platinum, and Cinema members. The CPS program is not intended to be used to permanently replace your equipment. CPS may request additional information regarding the incident.

No. CPS does not sell used equipment. However, Canon may occasionally offer special programs on direct purchases via the Canon Direct website (

One of the benefits of membership is direct access to our expert technicians and professional product agents. We make it easy for you to reach the right person to answer your questions. Refer to the Contact Info section under Canon Professional Services (CPS) in your My Canon Account.

The full fee for the new membership level will be charged.

Yes. Tax is added to your membership fee based on your local tax rates.

No, there is no refund. Please review all of the benefits prior to joining to determine the level that best suits your needs. We also recommend that you review the CPS Program Terms and Conditions, CPS Program Eligibility Requirements and Benefits for your selected level, and CPS FAQs carefully.

No. Printers are not available for Equipment Evaluation Loan.

Refer to the Contact Info section under Canon Professional Services (CPS) on your My Canon Account page for contact information.

The Warranty Exchange Program exchanges your product with a replacement product when a repair cannot be corrected over the phone by our Canon Customer Care Center.

For Gold members the replacement unit is shipped via 2nd Day delivery service. For Platinum and Cinema members the replacement unit is shipped via Next Day service.

No, CPS members with a PIXMA PRO-Series printer registered to their CPS account can receive support M-F 8am-8pm. Refer to the Contact Info section under Canon Professional Services (CPS) on your My Canon Account page for contact information.


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