Case Studies

Explore how Canon’s advanced products and services are utilized by a wide range of industries/applications, including sports, higher education, houses of worship, broadcast, simulation, and more.

cameraman filming in a house of worship

Captured with Canon

From award-winning documentaries to binge-worthy television shows, see what productions have captured their content with Canon.

Camerman filming woman in car for film industry

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of various productions and see how Cinematographers use Canon Cameras and Lenses to captivate audiences around the world.

cameraman filming a makeup artist helping a client get ready

Introducing the Canon Volumetric Video System

Our Volumetric Video System generates 3D space from captured images in real time. Because the entire 3D space is rendered as data, images can be generated from any position or angle within such space, providing an unprecedented video experience. This technology revolutionizes the workflow of sports broadcasting and entertainment production.

Professional green screen recording studio


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