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The Association of Technical Service Professionals (ATSP) prepares service personnel to perform at a high level when interacting with customers and when providing service and support on Canon Business Imaging Systems Group products. Through specific certification exams and hands on challenges, ATSP provides a method that quantifies not only what an individual knows, but also whether or not they can apply their knowledge in real world situations. By confirming an individual possesses the knowledge required to service Canon products, and by confirming they can apply this knowledge, ATSP helps prepare Canon service personnel to work effectively to reduce unnecessary service expense while maintaining satisfied customers.

Through ATSP Certification, an individual can show their level of value to an organization. This achievement differentiates them from others and also helps demonstrate positive personal development. Canon provides recognition for these achievements and ATSP Certification enables an individual to pursue personal growth opportunities within their organization. As a program, ATSP also provides a great way to show individuals a development path to follow, regardless of whether they are tenured employees or newly hired.