Canon camera systems and lenses are manufactured to extremely high precision standards for the ultimate image quality. Over time, however, small movements in components caused by frequent or heavy use can result in tiny changes in focus accuracy.

For reliable, pin-sharp focus, we can match the autofocus (AF) on select Canon lens and camera combinations. Using precision tools and expertise, we will either adjust the camera to match the lens or vice versa to restore optimal focus.


Take a look at the images below to see how matching the autofocus on your lens and camera together make a difference. 

Before Canon Precision Alignment

An image taken with a misaligned autofocus will appear blurry.

After Canon Precision Alignment

An image taken with an aligned autofocus will appear sharp.


The focus can be matched to your eligible Canon camera body or lens.  Alternatively, you can request your eligible camera body or lens to be focus matched to a Canon test product.

  • Pricing varies by model.
  • If you want your camera or lens focus matched with another of your own Canon products, please provide at least 1 eligible body and 1 eligible lens for a Canon Precision Alignment. A separate charge will apply to each individual product. If it is determined repairs are needed during inspection, a separate charge will apply to each applicable product that is outside its warranty period.  
  • For RF Lenses, it is recommended to send a Mirrorless body together for best results.
  • For EF Lenses, it is recommended to send in a DSLR body together, or with a Mirrorless body with a genuine Canon EF-EOS R adapter for best results.
  • If you want your product focus adjusted to match a Canon test product (body or lens), please inform the Canon Factory Service Center which Canon test product (model name) you would like to have used.
  • You may also send in additional products if needed (for example, match 1 eligible camera to 3 eligible lenses, or match 1 eligible lens to 2 eligible cameras), however the applicable service charge will be applied to each Canon Precision Alignment service that is performed.
  • Calibration requiring an extender (1.4x type or 2x type ) will be an added charge.


To schedule a Canon Precision Alignment, you will need to create or sign in to your Canon account, and register your product.


*If, upon inspection, additional services are necessary which require the camera or lens body to be disassembled or parts to be replaced, you will receive an adjusted repair estimate to reflect the added service/parts. In this case, any estimate provided previously for the Canon Precision Alignment (CPA) will be adjusted. If you do not approve the repair estimate, repairs will not be made, your camera and/or lens will be returned to you and you will not incur any charges for Canon Precision Alignment.

Resolution Adjustment, and/or removing internal dust or debris of either the body or the lens are not covered under CPA. CPA is limited to single/center point calibration, and does not include all “peripheral” point adjustment. These services can be provided as a billable (chargeable) repair. For Mirrorless and DSLR bodies, CPA is limited to electronic adjustments only for Dual Pixel Auto Focus (DAF) accuracy and Auto Focus system, and does not involve any mechanical adjustment. Learn more here

Services available on eligible Canon Digital SLR/Mirrorless cameras and EF/RF lens models only, for residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico who purchased and use their eligible camera and/or lens there. Canon cameras and lenses that are past their supported service life are not considered eligible products.

Failure or malfunction not related to the original estimate is not covered under repair warranty. If a failure is identified with your product during your requested Maintenance Service, the Canon Service & Repair Center will contact you to either request a copy of your proof of purchase to validate your Canon warranty (if not already provided) or, if your product is no longer covered by its Canon warranty, to discuss chargeable repair options (i.e. fixed price repair, repair limit or time & cost estimate).

There is no repair warranty on subsequent failures or malfunctions not identified during CPA.

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