Our camera buying guide can give you some quick and helpful tips to help you discover which camera is the perfect match for you.


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Skill Level
Being comfortable with your camera is a no-brainer. Let us help you find the Canon camera to match your skills and put you at ease.
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Style & Weight
Cameras come in all shapes and sizes, and can require different types of camera lenses or accessories. Let us help you find out which type of camera is too much or too little for your need.
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Still & Video
Looking for high quality stills? 4k video or even 8k video? Find the Canon Camera models that match your creativity.
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Price is important for several reasons, and Canon will have the best budget cameras to meet your needs!


DSLR Cameras

Our wide range of Canon DSLR cameras are great for any kind of shooting, from portraits to landscapes and everything in-between. They offer optical viewfinders for superb composition, fast performance, an array of features that let you capture and expand your creativity, plus a number of lens, flash and accessory options to take your photography or video shooting wherever you want it to go.



More compact and lightweight than their full-frame counterparts, Canon's APS-C cameras let you seamlessly step up from a smartphone or compact camera with additional features, compatibility with the full range of Canon EF and EF-S lenses, and budget-friendly affordability.



Canon’s Full-Frame DSLR’s allow for a larger frame, giving more flexibility to crop. They also have higher resolution, less noise, higher ISO, and can shoot at wider angles. These cameras are great for advanced amateurs and professionals.


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Buying Guide
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Mirrorless Cameras

Generally offering a smaller footprint than a DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras typically provide more comfort and convenience, are faster in terms of performance, and have a wide range of accessories, making Canon mirrorless cameras ideal for video.


This full-frame mirrorless lineup features amazing optics and stunning performance, and with the innovative RF mount, allows for more compact lenses like the RF series and faster communication.


The portability of a compact camera with a feature set that's more plentiful so you can take it anywhere for casual shooting at home or abroad as your travel camera. Canon's EOS M cameras also have interchangeable EF-M lens options along with compatibility for using EF and EF-S lenses with an adapter.

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Compact Cameras

These lightweight and compact cameras are perfect to easily take anywhere. Featuring a variety of families like G Series, SX Series, ELPH and more with most having built-in optical zoom lenses of various distances makes these the best compact camera for traveling!



Canon's PowerShot camera line includes the pocket-friendly ELPH Series, the long range zoom SX Series, the compact but more robust G Series, and the PowerShot Zoom compact telephoto monocular so you have a bevy of choices.



Pocket-friendly and easy to use, the Canon IVY mini photo printer lets you shoot stills & video, while also being a camera that prints photos!


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Buying Guide

Refurbished Cameras

For those on a budget, buying a refurbished Canon camera could be the answer for you. Be sure you'll be getting a quality Canon refurbished lens or camera that feels as good as new.


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