Your printer is useful for a lot more than just printing documents. Let’s see what you can do.

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With your printer you have more options for creating stylish posters, flyers, banners, signage and other media. We have a free online application. PosterArtist is designed for all levels of users, offering templates in various categories, including education, business, health, travel, hospitality and many others.

PosterArtist Banner

Paper Crafts

Did you know that you could make home decor with your printer? Instead of buying at the store, let’s use your time to enjoy paper crafting to decorate your room. Here you can find paper craft samples.

Picture of Paper Flower Crafts

Photos/Photo Displays

With the expansion of social media, taking tons of pictures has become the norm. Have you ever thought of printing your photos? With your printer and a little inspiration, you will enrich your home decoration.

Person Hanging Images


It’s a day of joy when you receive holiday cards from your family and friends. You can create your card with your printer, here are samples of some future cards.

Printing Cards on a Table
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