Caution: Beware of Canon products with altered serial numbers sold by questionable sales sources and Unauthorized Dealers.

Please be advised that some Canon camera and video products have been discovered with non-genuine serial numbers and non-genuine serial number labels on the outside of the products, with altered internal data that correspond to the non-genuine serial numbers. Alteration of this internal data may have also compromised some operational functions and performance of the products.

Due to these alterations, which can be identified by our Canon Factory Service and Support Centers upon evaluation, these products are not eligible for repair under their limited warranty and will not be repaired or otherwise supported by any Canon Factory Service Center under any circumstances.

Please note that these products are typically sold by sources that are not authorized by Canon, including unauthorized domestic or foreign web sites, third-party reselling sites, or unauthorized brick-and-mortar stores or warehouses. In many cases, these products are sold at unrealistically low prices and/or with non-Canon accessories or documentation.

In order to reduce the risk of purchasing products with altered serial numbers, always purchase your Canon products from Canon U.S.A., Inc. Authorized Dealers or directly from Canon U.S.A., Inc.

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