How to Activate


Before following the steps below, please make sure you have gone through the standard setup process for your new printer, which includes installing your ink cartridges and connecting to the internet


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Step 1: Update to Latest Firmware

• Press Setup
• Select Device Settings
• Select Firmware update
• Select Install update

Printer menu with setting icon highlighted

Step 2: Select Web service setup

Printer Menu with "Web service setup" highlighted

Step 3: Select Web service usage registration

Web service setup menu with "Web service usage registration" highlighted

Step 4: Select Next

Printer manu terms of use with next button highlighted

Step 5: Select Agree

Printer agreement with agree button highlighted

Step 1: Download the Canon PRINT App from the Apple App Store or Google Play

  • If you already downloaded the app to your smartphone, skip this step.
Canon Print app logo

Step 2: Add your new printer

  • If you already added your printer the app will start from Step 3.
Canon print app add printer screen

Step 3: Select your printer.

  • Once it has been added confirm status is "Online".
  • If not "Online" Confirm printers is on and connect to the same Wi-fi as your mobile device and your router is connected to the internet.
Screenshot of menu

Step 4: Select Web Service Usage Confirmation

Printer setting menu in Print app with Web Service Usage Confirmation button highlighted

Step 5: Click Do not agree once.

  • "Do not agree" will reset the activation process.
Web service usage terms of agreement with agree button highlighted

Step 6: Click OK.

Web service usage terms of agreement

Step 7: Select Web Service Usage Confirmation again.

Web service usage confirmation

Step 8: Click Agree.

  • Agree will enable the activation process.
Web service usage terms of agreement with agree button highlighted
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