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Meet our Wildly Impressive Team

Preserving the world around us



At the heart of every product, every idea, and every initiative lies the thought, “how will this make the world a better place?” Canon U.S.A.’s deep belief in being socially responsible is what drives our passion and support for programs that support the environment as well as the local communities we’re a part of.

Eyes on Yellowstone

Since 1995, Eyes on Yellowstone, an education and research program, has been made possible through Canon U.S.A.’s sponsorship with Yellowstone Forever.

Canon’s sponsorship of Yellowstone Forever contributes to important scientific research and helps break new ground in conservation, endangered species protection, and the application of cutting-edge science and technology that is essential to managing Yellowstone National Park’s delicate ecosystems and wildlife.

Spring in the Park
With fewer crowds and magnificent sightseeing & photography opportunities, spring is an excellent time to view wildlife in Yellowstone. Baby bison, bear cubs and elk calves of all species begin showing up on the ever-greening landscape. Along with viewing new life after the long winter, visitors can begin to enjoy some of Yellowstone’s 900-plus miles of trails, sounds of rushing rivers and scenic views of gushing waterfalls. Other activities include fishing, ranger programs, and tours through the Yellowstone Forever Institute.

Observing from afar
Throughout the park, we’ve helped establish long-term climate change monitoring stations at different elevations – many in hard-to-reach locations. All are capable of collecting photographs, air, and soil temperatures, solar radiation, precipitation, and soil moisture data every day throughout the year, giving the scientists at Yellowstone the ability to “see” what couldn’t be seen before.

Checking in on the “team”
Canon technology is used to keep a close watch over the millions of wild animals that call Yellowstone home. Whether documenting grizzly bear cub production, swan nesting success, elk herd compositions, or new geothermal activity, these images help to enhance scientific data collection and understand how to best protect all of our wild friends.

Stream the steam
The Old Faithful Live webcam is one of the most popular web pages of all of the National Park sites. Streaming live video 24/7, it allows virtual visitors to experience one of America’s most famous monuments from anywhere in the world! By increasing access to the wonder and magic of Yellowstone, we’re helping to raise awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship and conservation.

Sharing the knowledge
The publication Yellowstone Science, which Canon helps to sponsor, is just one of many resources aimed at communicating the science and the story of Yellowstone with researchers, scientists, school groups, park supporters, front-line Yellowstone staff, and the general public.

What’s more, the Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center website was created to bring science and education together to help preserve and protect this national treasure.

Dan Stahler, Park Biologist, Yellowstone National Park
presents 'Study of Wolves' to Canon Melville Employees.

Full and Edited Versions of Dan Stahler's Videos

Yellowstone National Park Biologist presents 'Study of Wolves' (23:18)

Yellowstone National Park Biologist presents 'Study of Wolves' (2:48)

Yellowstone National Park Biologist presents 'Study of Wolves' (2:41)

Image of an Elk cow grooming her calf

NPS/Jacob W. Frank

Elk cow grooming her calf

Image of a baby bison in Mammoth

NPS/Jacob W. Frank

Baby bison in Mammoth

Image of a Beehive Geyser eruption

NPS/Jacob W. Frank

Beehive Geyser eruption

Image of Gibbon Falls

NPS/Neal Herbert

Gibbon Falls

Conservation begins at home

At Canon U.S.A., we don’t just make products that improve people’s lives, we try to design products that have a minimal impact on the environment. In fact, as part of our ISO 14001 certification, we work hard to manage the environmental aspects of our activities, services, and products. In this way, we’re doing more every day to protect places like Yellowstone National Park.

Toner cartridge recycling
In 1990, Canon launched a toner cartridge collection and return program, the first in the industry. It has allowed Canon to recycle Canon cartridges with cooperation from customers. But that’s not all. Canon’s development of recycling technologies helps to reduce our dependence on natural resources and helps to reduce waste.

Energy efficient from top to bottom
Canon U.S.A. takes great pride in the many certifications and partnerships we are a part of, including:

    ENERGY START® - Canon has received a number of ENERGY STAR awards since 1996 including the 2016 and 2017 Partner of the Year – Product Brand Owner Awards, and the 2018 Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award.

    SmartWay® Transport Partnership - In 2015, Canon was awarded the SmartWay Excellence Award for our efforts to reduce transportation-related emissions and improve freight supply chain efficiency.

    ISO 14001 Certification - Canon’s Environmental Management System is incorporated into business operations for Canon U.S.A. and more than 700 other Canon sites worldwide, and helps the company establish objectives and targets to reduce the environmental impact associated with our activities, services, and products.

    EPEAT® - To be added to the EPEAT Registry, an imaging device must meet strict, comprehensive criteria that considers, among other things, the design, production, longevity, energy efficiency, and use of recycled and recyclable materials with ongoing independent verification of manufacturer claims. For a complete list of EPEAT-registered Canon products and to learn more about the registry visit EPEAT.net.

    LEED® Certification - Canon Americas’ Headquarters in New York and Canon’s Customer Experience Center in California have been awarded LEED Gold certification, a prestigious recognition for the design, construction, operations, and maintenance of high-performance green buildings

Committed to being a good corporate citizen and the world community
Being socially responsible has been part of Canon U.S.A.’s culture for decades. In recognizing that our corporate activities are supported by the development of society as a whole, we aim to achieve growth through sound and fair business activities while contributing to the realization of a better society as a good corporate citizen.