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Canon EOS C300 Mark II

Canon EOS C300 Mark II

C300 Mark II Tutorial Series

By: Jem Schofield

February 23, 2016

The EOS C300 Mark II Digital Cinema Camera takes the agility of the original EOS C300 and dials it up a notch. Join Canon Digital Learning Center contributor Jem Schofield, as he takes a look at the new internal and external features of this camera. These videos will give you the information you need to make the most of this camera system and hit the ground running in any production environment.

1.New Features Dive into an overview of the camera. See button placement, menu options, and hardware changes such as the battery, LEMO connector and accessory cables.

2.Custom Picture Menu Discover all of the options the C300 Mark II has to adjust your Custom picture, Gamma, Color space, Color matrix and LUT. Also, see Jem's personal recommendations when painting in camera using certain combinations of Gamma, Color space and Color Matrix.

3.4K Monitoring with the DP-V2410 See how to set the correct options for the camera and display to monitor 4K RAW. Then, find out how to set up HDR as well as an ACES proxy workflow including using an ASC CDL workflow.

4.Internal Recording Explore the different recording options in the EOS C300 Mark II, which include DCI 4K, QHD 4K, 2K and FHD.

5.Focus Assistance Features Master the fundamentals of the Dual-pixel CMOS AF feature built into the EOS C300 Mark II and all of the different autofocus and manual focus options that are in the camera.

6.Browser Remote with the WFT-E6A Learn how to set up the EOS C300 Mark II to use with Browser Remote. See menu settings for Full, Camera and Meta control users as well as mapping status to a customizable button.

7.External Recording Observe the steps to setting the EOS C300 Mark II menu up for external recording. Go over the menu options found in the Recording/Media Setup, Picture/Terminals Setup menus as well as relevant menus in the Odyssey 7Q+ that is being used.