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Canon Cinema Kit

Canon Cinema Kit

Cinema EOS: Behind the scenes with Alex Buono

By: Canon Editor

October 07, 2013

Join Oscar nominee and Director of Photography for Saturday Night Live Alex Buono on his "The Art of Visual Storytelling Tour" where he teaches cinematographers how to create dynamic and impactful films.

Go behind the scenes of his tour and learn about his cinematography concepts and his techniques for lighting, lens selection, workflow, accessories, shooting in 4K and more while using the EOS C100, C300 and C500. Take his tips and concepts into the real-world and apply them to your films, whether through Cinema EOS cameras or DSLRs like the EOS 5D Mark III.

In C100 in DSLR-like and production form factors, Alex shows how he enjoys using the C100 for documentaries and its capabilities as a light, DSLR-like camera or an outfitted production-friendly camera.

In C300 image sensor and lighting strategies, see how Alex sets up the light in his filming environment to flatter his subject, as well as add drama with shadows. Learn about the science behind the C300 and its image sensor's low-light sensitivity.

In C500 and the 4K workflow, understand Alex's two reasons for shooting documentaries and "Saturday Night Live" in 4K and the 4K workflow.