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  • Authentication Modes & Login Types
    Universal Login Manager incorporates three different authentication modes and five login types, depending on each customer's preference. The authentication modes include Local, Domain and uniFLOW server.

    The Local Authentication Mode: Enables the administrator to establish a user data base locally on the device and utilize it as an authentication provider. This database can be exported and imported via a web interface and can be manually distributed to other devices.

    The Domain Authentication Mode: Utilizes the customer's existing Windows Active Directory as an authentication provider.

    The uniFLOW Server Mode: This login mode Is a customer option for those already using ULM. When a customer's business grows, they now have the capability to easily upgrade to uniFLOW and keep Universal Login Manager as their authentication method. This option minimizes additional investments by customers when upgrading to uniFLOW. ULM also supports 5 different login types, enabling customers to choose their method of access to their devices. These methods include the following:

    The Image Login & Image Login + PIN methods allow users to login by pressing a button on the device's UI (user interface), with an image of choice, representing each user account. The Image Login + PIN is identical except users must additionally enter a PIN code to login. Both of these methods can only be used with the Local Authentication Mode.

    The Proximity Card Login & Proximity Card Login + PIN methods allow users to perform authentication by using a proximity card such as HID, MIFARE, and others. The supported card reader, MiCard PLUS, must be connected to the device, preferably using the USB Device Port option in order to fit the Card Reader securely inside the device. The Proximity Card Login works with all authentication modes. (Local, AD (Active Directory), or uniFLOW)

    The User Name & Password Login simply gives you the option to login with a user name and password, which is registered in the user database. All authentication modes are possible. (Local, AD, or uniFLOW)

  • Device Personalization

    Universal Login Manager gives customers the ability to customize the user interface of their devices. This is a fun feature, which allows you to personalize the user interface and incorporate your company logo and colors, or customize it any way you choose.

    A few of the main features you can customize is the user interface Theme, as well as the Background Image, and the User ID images used in the Image Login Type.

  • Access Management System (AMS)
    Universal Login Manager integrates with AMS for advanced security options. Found standard on all imageRUNNER ADVANCED devices, AMS establishes access control for print jobs on a per-user/group basis.

  • Usage Tracker

    Universal Login Manager provides the ability to download a Rich Internet Application for tracking the usage of devices via the Usage Tracker. The Usage Tracker collects job log data from up to 10 registered devices, and collects print, copy, and scan activities per user or per device, including transaction costs.

  • Usability
    ULM provides a Pass-Through Login feature, which enables users to access the specific functions allotted to them at any other registered device on their network.

  • Upgradable
    Universal Login Manager is easily upgradable to uniFLOW as your business grows and warrants more advanced functionality. ULM replaces the current uniFLOW Login Manager for MEAP, so when you're ready to upgrade to uniFLOW, you already have the appropriate login manager.

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If the software has not been preinstalled on your Canon device, please follow one of the installation methods below:

CDS Installation Procedure (automatic software download / installation via Content Delivery System)- RECOMMENDED

  1. Access [Software registration/update] on the display panel of your device
       (Press "*"/ Management Settings / License/Other / Page Down/Register/Update Software)
  2. Select "Install Applications/Options"
  3. Enter the following License Access Number, 4 digits at a time:
       (The same number can be used for multiple devices)
  4. Select "Universal Login Manager" and press "Install"
  5. Read and Accept Terms of License Agreement (or else discontinue)
  6. Application is installed (and automatically started). Press "OK".

SMS Installation Procedure (manual download / installation)

  1. Download the compressed software file from this website.
  2. Extract the compressed file.
  3. Follow the instructions contained in the e-manual for your device to install the  
    License (.Lic) and MEAP application (.Jar) file and start the application.   
    License is B1 type (no registration required).

Download Universal Login Manager

Universal Login Manager User Manual

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