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Explore how Canon’s advanced products and services are utilized by a wide range of industries/applications, including sports, higher education, film and television, house of worship, broadcast, simulation, and more.


The Media School at Indiana University Utilizes Canon Cameras

Take a look at how students and staff at Indiana University utilize Canon cameras to create compelling content for class projects, professional reels and much more.


USC School of Cinematic Arts Uses Canon Professional Camcorders and Cinema EOS Cameras

One of the most prestigious film schools in the country, the USC School of Cinematic Arts relies on a large array of Canon professional camcorders and cinema cameras to introduce the next generation of filmmakers to the art and science of cinematography.


USC School of Cinematic Arts Utilizes Canon REALiS Projectors

Learn how the color accuracy and image quality of these projectors provide a vital tool for the students and faculty at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.


Red Rocks Church Testimonial - Canon Cinema Cameras and Lenses

Learn how Red Rocks Church utilizes an array of Canon Cinema Cameras and lenses to produce content that keeps their congregation on the edge of their seats, no matter where they may be.


Eastside Baptist Church Uses Canon Cinema EOS Cameras and Lenses

Learn how Eastside Baptist Church is able to utilize Canon C300 Mark II Cameras and COMPACT-SERVO lenses to provide an imaging solution that can be used seven days a week to generate compelling content for their services and for social media.



about Golf Testimonial with Canon

Learn how aboutGolf implements the Canon 4K501ST REALiS Projector into their installations to provide great color, brightness and pictures for their customers.


Behind the Scenes of RBG with Claudia Raschke

Director of Photography Claudia Raschke discusses her use of Canon Cinema Prime lenses and the EOS C300 Mark II Cinema Camera to shoot the documentary "RBG" - a profile of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Behind the Scenes of "The Ritual" with Andrew Shulkind

Director of Photography Andrew Shulkind discusses how Canon cameras and lenses played a critical role in the production of "The Ritual".


Canon Lenses on the Set of Homeland

David Klein, ASC and Dominik Mainl discuss how Canon's Cinema Prime and Cinema Zoom Lenses provide the ideal look for the television drama "Homeland."


Canon Filmmaker Testimonial - Harun Mehmedinovic

Documentary filmmaker Harun Mehmedinovic discusses his use of Canon Cinema EOS and DSLR cameras to capture stunning nature footage in his films "Ice on Fire" and "Skyglow."


The Cinematic Side of Sports: Aaron Mendez Utilizes Canon Cinema Lenses for a Unique Perspective

When filming narrative and promotional pieces for sports broadcasts, freelance cinematographer Aaron Mendez relies on Canon Cinema Lenses to give his shots a unique point of view and beautiful imagery.


Filming The Sentence: Behind the Scenes with Canon Cinema EOS Cameras

Filmmaker Rudy Valdez discusses his use of Canon’s Cinema EOS cameras and lenses in the production of "The Sentence", without having the equipment become distractingly intrusive.


Broadcasting Sports at Clemson University with Canon Lenses

Learn how Clemson utilizes Canon broadcast lenses in order to deliver crisp, stable imagery, as well as instructing and preparing students for careers in sports production.


Canon Cinema EOS Lenses and Cameras Help Steer 'The Drive'

Learn why Matt Wilcox and Taylor Kavanaugh of Blue Ox Films, the production team behind "The Drive," decided on the cinematic look and mobility of Canon’s EOS C300 Mark II Cinema Cameras, along with a broad assortment of Canon Cinema Lenses.


Jimmy Chin Takes You Behind the Scenes of Free Solo

Filmmaker Jimmy Chin details how the power, versatility, and imaging excellence of his gear enabled him to capture one of the greatest athletic achievements in history.


Ross Kauffmann and Matt Porwoll Take You Behind the Scenes of Tigerland

Director/Co-Cinematographer Ross Kauffmann and Co-Cinematographer Matt Porwoll take us behind the scenes of "Tigerland" and talk about their use of Canon Cinema Cameras and lenses to shoot this intriguing spotlight on tigers and those who protect them.


Canon and Esports Stadium Arlington Testimonial

Learn why Esports Stadium Arlington, the largest esports arena in the country, outfitted the stadium with Canon’s UHD-DIGISUPER 66 4K Broadcast Lenses to capture the action.


Canon and GSS Testimonial

Learn why GSS and two of their customers – Teton Gravity Research and Aerial Video Systems – are using Canon 4K lenses in a GSS rig in order to deliver captivating aerial imagery.