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  • 18-Point Digital SLR Maintenance Service

  • check mark Clean Image Sensor
  • check mark Clean Mirror
  • check mark Clean Focus Screen
  • check mark Clean External Viewfinder
  • check mark Clean External LCD Surface
  • check mark Clean Camera Body
  • check mark Check Moving parts (buttons, doors, latches)
  • check mark Check Operation of Hot Shoe
  • check mark Check Memory Card Insertion and Removal
  • check mark Check Lens Attachment and Removal
  • check mark Check Camera/Lens Communication
  • check mark Perform Image Test (check exposure and shutter speed)
  • check mark Verify Camera Shutter Count
  • check mark Check Internal Error Messages
  • check mark Check Operation of Terminals and Jacks
  • check mark Tighten External Screws
  • check mark Verify Firmware Version and Update if Applicable
  • check mark Perform Pixel Mapping for Hot or Dead Pixels If Requested


*Services available on eligible Canon Digital SLR camera and EF lens models only, for residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico who purchased and use their models there. Click here for a list of currently eligible models. List subject to change.


**The services offered cover cleaning and maintenance of external components of the camera or lens, as well as the following internal components of the camera: image sensor, mirror, and focus screen.


If, upon inspection, additional services are necessary which require the camera or lens body to be disassembled or parts to be replaced, this will be considered a repair and you will receive a repair estimate. In this case, any payment made previously for the Canon Maintenance Service will be refunded. If you do not approve the repair estimate, repairs will not be made, your camera and/or lens will be returned to you and you will not incur any charges for Canon Maintenance Service.

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