Shana Hagan

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Shana Hagan, ASC

Since childhood Shana Hagan has been fascinated by seeing the world through a viewfinder. It began as play, capturing images on her parent’s camera and has evolved into a successful decades long career in film and television.


Shana has shot Oscar and Emmy-winning documentaries with such distinguished filmmakers as Michael Apted, Jessica Yu, Morgan Neville, Canon Legend Lauren Greenfield and Rory Kennedy. Shana’s scripted work includes projects with Paul Feig, Jenny Bicks and the Duplass Brothers. She is a member of The American Society of Cinematographers, the DGA, AMPAS, ATAS, the ICG, the IDA and BAFTA.


Shana's documentary work includes the Academy Award winning Breathing Lessons, Academy Award nominated Walk Run Cha-Cha, Return to Space with Chai Vasarhelyi and Explorer of Light Jimmy Chin, The Kingmaker for director Lauren Greenfield, 63Up and Married in America with Michael Apted, The Conductor with Bernadette Wegenstein and 21 Sundance Film Festival selections, including Generation Wealth, Queen of Versailles, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, and Shakespeare Behind Bars.


Shana was the first woman to shoot on the hit reality series Survivor and was nominated for an Emmy for her work on Survivor: China. She shot four seasons on NBC's Parks and Recreation, was the 2nd Unit DP on Netflix’s Arrested Development and has shot commercial spots for Disney, Electronic Arts, Kohl’s, the US Army, Kodak, Verizon and others.


Shana’s current scripted work includes the critically acclaimed series Somebody Somewhere for HBO and Fox’s half hour docu-comedy Welcome to Flatch. As a US State Department American Film Showcase Ambassador, Shana travelled to Africa to teach Master Class Workshops to young Ethiopian filmmakers. Shana was a mentor at Newport Film's inaugural Documentary Cinematography Lab in Newport, RI. Shana also enjoys mentoring students through the ASC, AMPAS, and USC and has been on panels and guest lectured at AFI, USC, LMU, CalArts, Emerson, Chapman, NYU and for Canon.

Testimonial Quote

“I’ve been fortunate to travel the world with my work. I love that when we share stories we learn from each other. We all want the same things in life - safety and security, water, food, air, shelter, family, love. Filmmaking is a wonderful way to remind us we are all a part of a global community.“


- Shana Hagan, ASC

Behind the Scenes

Shana's Top Gear Picks

Cinema EOS C300 Mark III
Canon EOS R5 C
Canon RF 14-35mm F4 L IS USM Lens
RF24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM Lens
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM Lens


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