5 Paper Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Paper Decorations Made With a Canon Printer on a Table

Home decor makeovers don't have to break the bank. Instead of running to the department store, rethink and repurpose the items you probably already have in your craft room or home office. With just your PIXMA printer and a little decorative flair, you can give your home a face lift. Use these five budget-savvy wall art, lighting and furniture makeover ideas to get started.

1. Make a DIY Baby Mobile

Personalized Hanging Mobile

Decorating a blank expanse of wall with something other than a simple, framed print can be a nightmare on the budget. But with some cardstock and a collection of your favorite photos, you can knock out a one-of-a-kind wall mobile in an afternoon. Print your favorite images onto colored cardstock using black ink only, and cut the pictures into geometric shapes (like circles or hearts). Sew or glue long strips of string to the tops of the pictures, tie the pictures onto a dowel at varying lengths, hang, and voila! Instant focal point. Add some dimension by alternating the photos with different colored shapes of plain cardstock that matches your home décor, or print the images with their original colors on photo paper.

2. Seasonal Candle Wraps

Seasonal Candle Wrappers

Give your living room a touch of personality with printable wraps for your candles. Design your own using photos, patterns, and fonts that suit your liking, and change them seasonally. It's often the small accessories that add up in a home decor makeover, so these candle covers are a great way to give the room color and detail on a small budget. Plus, you can reuse the wraps over and over again. Throw in some ribbon, string or glitter for extra pizzazz.

3. Create a Photo Banner

Instagram Photo Banner

Your Instagram feed is filled with awesome shots, so why not incorporate them into your home decor? Create custom banners by printing several of your favorite Instagram pictures on heavy cardstock or photo paper, punch holes on both of the top corners and string them on lengths of ribbon, fabric, or twine. Embellish the photos with decorative tape, a few of your favorite phrases, or a personalized decoration from each family member. Hang and admire your custom creation!

4. DIY Paper Lanterns

Indoor Lanterns

Lanterns aren't just for the outdoors. Bring that familiar summertime glow inside with some paper and a few office supplies. Forget the expensive scrapbook paper from the craft store and search the web for your desired colors and patterns instead. Print a few of your favorite snapshots, or use scans of your family's handmade art. Follow an online tutorial to fold the paper into lanterns of different shapes and sizes, and position them over electric candles or string lights. Hang them in clusters or just scatter them about the room to create soft, cozy warmth.

5. Customized Dresser Drawer Liners

Customized Dresser Liners

Not every home decor update is obvious - sometimes you want to add a detail just for yourself. How about decorating the inside of your dresser drawers? Select your favorite digital photos or use a drawing app to create custom designs. Print enough of the designs to fill the lining of each drawer and attach the sheets of paper securely to the bottoms using double-sided tape. It's a great way to add an unexpected pop of fun to an otherwise bland part of your home.

For more paper craft ideas, visit Canon Creative Park.

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