Nov 21, 2019
Author: Josh Katz

We’ve partnered with Josh Katz as he explores the symbiotic relationship between skateboarding and photography through the lens of the Canon EOS 90D.

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We’ve partnered with Josh Katz on this amazing skateboard photography project with the Canon EOS 90D.

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Josh Katz experiments with some EOS 90D features to create motion in his photos.

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Josh Katz takes advantage of features like the 32.5 MP sensor and articulating LCD screen to capture the moment.

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Josh Katz uses the Canon EOS 90D to capture the beautiful in-between moments during a skate session.

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Josh Katz puts the Canon EOS 90D’s video features to the test by creating a skate edit.

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Josh Katz takes the EOS 90D out for some night skateboarding shots to test out its low-light capabilities.

Contributor,Josh Katz

Josh Katz


Josh Katz is a photographer, photography teacher, and a sponsored skateboarder living in Brooklyn, NY. His favorite subjects to photograph include street, skateboarding, and landscape photography.

Josh’s less professional hobbies include talking to strangers, cooking veggie chili, reading American presidential biographies, and trying to visit every U.S. national park. Right now, he is most likely crouched in a corner waiting for the perfect street photo.


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