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DIY Photo Display Ideas

With the widespread popularity of social media, taking (and posting) tons of pictures on a daily basis has become the norm. But that also means that we're capturing way more photos than we actually use. Why let those photos wallow on your hard drive instead of adorning your home with your memories? Here are some creative, fresh, and fun DIY ideas to display your photos. All you need is a PIXMA printer and a little inspiration.

Tiled Photo Art

Photo Wall Tiles

A tiled photo arrangement is a segmented design that eliminates the need for a single, over-sized print. Use a photo editor to increase your photo's resolution to 300 dots per inch (DPI), then divide it using the software's grid and/or ruler into several equal-sized squares (ensuring that each square fits on standard 8.5" by 11" paper). Print each square of the picture individually, then lay out your tiles to create the complete image. Use spray adhesive to mount each photo on foam board and trim the edges to eliminate crooked cuts or misshapen squares. Create a grid on your wall with washi or painters tape before you hang your tiles to ensure that they line up, then mount each one using small nails or wall-friendly adhesive strips.

Plumbing Supply Picture Frames

Create a Circular Picture Display

Turn a four-inch drain cap into a unique, eye-catching photo display using only 4" x 6" photos and a bit of wall-friendly adhesive. Start by painting your drain caps to match your home decor, then select and print your favorite photos to 4" x 6" borderless photo paper. Trim the photos to fit the inside the drain caps - use a vase or cup as a nifty guide - and glue the prints inside of the caps so they're flush against the insides. Once the photos and glue are dry, arrange the drain caps into a pattern and use the same adhesive to secure each drain cap to the next so you're not stuck hanging individual circles on the wall.

DIY Photo Display Ideas

Hang Some Pictures on String

Frames are the traditional way to display photos, but you're not limited to using them in their traditional sense. Simply remove the glass and add a few strings of twine, and you have a few custom clotheslines for your treasured shots! Begin by choosing an oversize frame and hot gluing a few lines of twine from one side to another, making sure you leave plenty of space between lines to allow your photos room to hang. Print a half dozen of your favorite snapshots, cropping them before you print (or trimming them with scissors after the fact) so they are square and uniform in size. Using mini clothespins, suspend each photo from the string or twine and display the open frame on a mantle or shelf.


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