Holiday Photo Ideas for a Festive Season

This holiday season, show your friends and family how much you care by getting creative with personalized photo Christmas cards. Using your Canon IVY CLIQ2 you can capture your favorite holiday moments and commit them to memory for years to come. Print out a selection of your best shots, and then peel and stick them just about anywhere you'd like. Alternatively, you can print out this list and stick each photo to its respective section, collecting one-of-a-kind images of each theme as the season wears on!

Here's a list of festive holiday themes to spark some inspiration:

Frosty the Snowman

If you're lucky enough to experience the snow, you can't miss out on building a snowman! This year, spend a little extra time decorating and dressing him with snow-friendly accessories, such as mittens or a fedora. Use your Canon IVY CLIQ 2 to take a few close-up shots of your favorite details — his carrot nose, coal eyes or corncob pipe. These photos will look great on the front or inside of your DIY holiday card.

Sparkly Christmas Tree

Every year, you spend hours making the tree look picture-perfect. You carefully hang the shiny ornaments, string the sparkly lights, place the star, wrap the gifts and arrange them under the tree. When it’s all said and done, each Christmas tree is a personalized holiday masterpiece. Take a picture of the tree in all its glory with your Canon IVY CLIQ 2, and then peel and stick it on a holiday card, gift bag or package.

Warm Holiday Cookies

If you’re baking Santa cookies this year, be sure to snap a picture before he gobbles them all up. Take a selfie with your Canon IVY CLIQ 2 while you sample the first batch straight from the oven. The cookies might not last long, but the memories sure will. Print, peel and stick your photo to the note you leave Santa, as a friendly reminder of your face!

Best-Dressed Pet

Whether you have a peppy pup or a feisty feline, we all love dressing up our pets. Every holiday season is even more fun when the pet costumes come out. Put an ugly Christmas sweater on Sweetie and some antlers on Snickers and start snapping photos on your Canon IVY CLIQ 2! Imagine how delighted your pets will be when you print, peel and stick their photos to your Christmas décor!

Cozy Fireplace

Hang the stockings with care, set up a few holiday decorations on the mantel, dangle some mistletoe, build a roaring fire and click away with your Canon IVY CLIQ 2! Spread the holiday cheer to everyone in your address book by sending this photo-project-of-a-card to those you love.

Decorative Seasonal Wreath

Grab your Canon IVY CLIQ 2, and shoot a close-up of the festive wreath hanging on your door. Then, print, peel and stick it to your personal planner or wall calendar as a reminder to rejoice in the beauty of the winter season. You could even embellish the wreath itself with some of your favorite holiday photos printed from your Canon IVY CLIQ 2 Remember to consult our DIY Christmas Wreaths and Garlands guide, if you do!

Shiny Ornaments

Get creative and take an artsy shot of your favorite ornament. You can even approach it from a unique angle or position it in an unusual spot around the house. There are no rules here! Use your Canon IVY CLIQ 2 to capture the award-winning abstract still life of the year!

Ready to get creative? Now that you have your printed list of holiday photo ideas, head out with your Canon IVY CLIQ 2 and have fun! Use different filters to add effects, frames, text and more to each photo, and say “Happy Holidays” to friends and family in the most personalized and DIY ways imaginable.

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