Feb 13, 2019
Four Ways the EOS RP Can Produce Sharper Pictures
Author: Canon Editor

Want super sharp images? Count on Canon’s new EOS RP full-frame mirrorless camera to raise the bar and deliver incredibly sharp results. These four features will help ramp up your game in no time — read on to learn more:


The EOS RP’s 26 megapixel, full-frame image sensor not only gives the resolution for high-quality, large format prints, but it can also deliver less noise and more detail than many of our smaller, APS-C size image sensors (with comparable resolution), helping you achieve consistently sharp, eye-catching results. You’ll notice a difference right away in indoor and low-light shooting — and even in bright sunlight — where tonalities will remain incredibly smooth, and highlights and shadows will showcase stunning detail.


The EOS RP is equipped with Canon’s ultra-precise Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus (AF) system, where every pixel on the entire image sensor is used for focus detection — providing more focused coverage than any DSLR camera on the market (as of February 2019). Simply use the AF Method to change the size of the active AF area you’ll be using for focusing; reduce a single AF point to an even smaller focus point (Spot AF) for ultimate precision; or, expand the size of your focus area with AF Point Expansion or Zone AF. You can even use Face Detect + Tracking, or Eye Detect AF, to zero in on your subject’s face or eyes during portrait shooting. The options are limitless!

Canon EOS RP Full-frame Mirrorless Camera product image showing menu screen with grid
Focus coverage and control of AF Method - The EOS RP can focus over the entire height of the picture area, and most of the width of the image as well (with most lenses). This coverage makes it easy to focus on off-center subjects.


One of the standout features of the EOS RP? The Electric Viewfinder (EVF), of course! And it’s a great tool for producing sharper images — no matter if you rely on the camera’s AF, or prefer using the precision of manual focus from time to time. Easily magnify the view you see, either 5x or 10x, by simply pressing the AF point selection button as you look through the finder. It’s an easy way to tell whether your sharpest focus is on a subject’s eyes, or on distant elements in a landscape. You can also use the camera’s Manual Focus Peaking feature to display red, yellow, or blue colored outlines around any parts of a subject or scene that are sharp, allowing you to see exactly what will be in focus over the entire frame.

Canon EOS RP viewfinder showing close up headshot zoom
Viewfinder tools: Magnification and Manual Focus Peaking - A very useful feature that ONLY an electronic viewfinder can provide: magnification. Great for checking focus -- magnify your subject 5x or 10x in the viewfinder, at the press of a button.


The newly-developed Canon RF lenses — created exclusively for the EOS R series of mirrorless cameras — bring new levels of quality to the table. These lenses are equipped with a very cool new technology: Digital Lens Optimizer, or DLO. This feature applies extra levels of image detail processing to JPEG files in-camera, and transfers these details to RAW files if they’re processed in Canon’s free downloadable Digital Photo Professional (v. 4.10 and above) software. DLO uses special parameters to boost detail rendering, taking into account items like the actual shooting aperture, or even the lens’ focus distance when the shot was taken. All Canon RF lenses have this information built-in, and share these details with the camera once the feature is turned on!

Canon 35mm, 24-105mm, 28-70mm and 50mm lens products lined up in product image
Canon RF lenses and Digital Lens Optimizer - Digital Lens Optimizer gives you detailed profiles and corrections for each lens, subtly improving your image quality – either for in-camera JPEGs, or when processing RAW images with Canon software. The profiles are built into RF lenses (and can be uploaded into EOS R-series cameras for most Canon EF and EF-S lenses).
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