"Line it Up" Presented by Shortstache™
Author: Garrett King

At times, it is the creative process and journey in how a project unfolds that holds the true depth of a story. We often see a finished product or collection and appreciate it, but miss the build up, behind the scenes, and all the little moments (both exciting and frustrating) that go into the execution. “Line It Up” is a story that not only focuses on the magnificent solar eclipse that happened October 14, 2023 - but the intricacies and planning it took, all to hold still one remarkable instant.

Join Garrett (Shortstashe) as he breaks it down in the video below and gives us a look behind the scenes of creating his video “Line it Up”. He goes through planning, preparation and also his lessons learned.

Testimonial Quote

You can, do all your homework and prep as much as possible but in the end, it's like, just ride it out and enjoy the moment.

Garrett King headshot

Garrett King (Shortstache)

Garrett King has made a name for himself in the photography world for his unique incorporation of light, perspective, and coloring techniques. He has lead many onsite photo and film workshops across the country, works internationally alongside travel and tourism boards, and captures for both social and commercial clients.

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