How Page Yields Are Measured

The "page yield" is best described as the number of pages a printer can print from a single ink cartridge and can be an important and deciding factor when it comes to which inkjet, photo/office all-in-one, or inkjet fax to purchase. Canon aims to provide its customers with fair, honest and meaningful data regarding page yields and running cost comparisons.

The quoted page yield for a given sample document is based on an average of three identical printers printing each document continuously until the ink runs out. This is done three times per printer, using a new set of cartridges each time.

What Affects Page Yield?

Many different variables have to be taken into account when measuring page yield:

  • Content and type of document printed
  • Type of paper used
  • Type of printer
  • Print mode and driver setting
  • Software application used
  • Conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and frequency of printing

Canon's testing keeps these variables constant to ensure that yields are comparable between different printers.


One Way of Measuring Across Brands, for Easy Comparison

For people to be able to compare page yields between different printers and manufacturers, there needs to be one industry-wide testing methodology. Canon has worked with other manufacturers and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to establish an international standard. This standard is known as ISO 24711 Testing Guidelines and is comprised of five letter-sized pages that each manufacturer uses to test printers until they run out of ink. Since all manufacturers agreed to the standard set of pages, it should be easy to compare the results.


Standard Testing Documents, Standard Settings

To determine page yields, a set of standard sample documents is used. These standard test documents are designed to represent the documents and photographs printed by a typical user.

  • Mixed text and graphics document (ISO/IEC FCD 24712)
  • Color photo set (10x15cm)
  • Color photo (A3+)*

Please click on one of the thumbnail images below for larger view.


The same set of documents is used to determine yields for each printer model. The software used and driver settings are also standardized per document type. When testing, the inks are used immediately after they are unsealed and printing is done continuously. This way the yields quoted are a reliable reflection of actual page yields.


Mixed Text and Graphics Document (ISO/IEC FCD 24712)

The inkjet yields are determined by continuously printing this standard document of five different pages on plain paper. The declared yield value is in accordance with ISO/IEC FCD 24711.


Color Photo Set, 10x15cm

The inkjet yields are determined by printing this set of 24 photos on 10x15cm sized Photo Paper Plus Gloss* continuously, with the default driver settings for this paper using Windows XP® printer driver in borderless printing mode and Windows XP Photo Printing Wizard. The declared yield value is determined based on Canon's standard method, referring to ISO/IEC FCD 24711.


Color Photo, A3+ (ISO/JIS-SCID N2)

This pattern is only used for A3+ printers. The inkjet yields are determined by printing this 279.4x355.6mm (11"x14") image on A3+ sized Photo Paper Plus Glossy PP-101** continuously with the default driver settings for this paper, using Windows XP printer driver and Adobe® Photoshop® CS. The declared yield value is determined based on Canon's standard method, referring to ISO/IEC FCD 24711.


**Only for A3+ printers.
**Photo Paper Pro PR-101 for the PIXMA Pro9000 model; Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss SG-201 for the PIXMA Pro9500.
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