Service Notice: File Name Setting Information

To owners of EOS-1D Mark III Digital SLR cameras:

Thank you for using Canon products.

There is a function where you can set the first four characters in file names as desired, using the File Name Setting in the Set-up 1 menu of the EOS-1D Mark III digital SLR camera. Before you shoot in either User setting option, you must first set up a valid file name in User setting 1 and/or User setting 2. You can register file names with four alphanumeric characters at User setting 1, and three alphanumeric characters at User setting 2 (for more details, see pp. 77 - 78 in the instruction manual). Please note that the four characters in the "Preset Code" are set at the factory and cannot be altered.


Registered (IMG has been entered)        Not registered (blank)                    

If you do not set up a file name, a "blank" value will remain (where no file name is displayed in User setting 1 or 2; see the "Not registered" example above). If you shoot in either User setting option that has a blank value, images shot will be stored to your memory card butcannot be viewed on the camera display. If you want to customize your file names with this feature, please be sure to set up file names first by registering up to four alphanumeric characters in User setting 1 and up to three alphanumeric characters in User setting 2 before shooting in these modes. Once you set up a valid file name, you can freely change it at any time.


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