Safety Notice: Lithium Battery Requirements for Air Travel


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Lithium Battery Requirements.


Effective January 1, 2008, you may not pack spare lithium batteries in your checked airline baggage.

  1. Effective January 1, 2008, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) implemented a new rule for airline passengers traveling with spare (uninstalled) lithium batteries as follows:
    1. Passengers are prohibited from carrying spare lithium batteries in checked baggage. In carry-on baggage, passengers may still carry any number of smaller lithium ion batteries (those with 8 grams or less of equivalent lithium content) and smaller lithium ion metal batteries (those with up to 2 grams of lithium), provided that they are protected from short circuit (see below).
    2. For complete details, please go to
  2. Subject to the foregoing, the following lithium batteries can be carried for air travel.
    1. Canon Lithium-ion batteries: Equivalent lithium content of each of the following batteries does not exceed 8g: BP-85, BP-208, BP-208DG, BP-214, BP-218, BP-2L12, BP-2L13, BP-2L24H, BP-2L5, BP-308, BP-310, BP-315, BP-406, BP-407, BP-412, BP-422, BP-508, BP-511, BP-511A, BP-512, BP-514, BP-522, BP-535, BP-608, BP-617, BP-808, BP-809, BP-819, BP-915, BP-930, BP-945, BP-950G, BP-970G, LB-50, LB-51, LB-60, LP-E4, LP-E5, NB-1LH, NB-2L, NB-2L14, NB-2LH, NB-3L, NB-4L, NB-5L, NB-6L, NB-CP1L, NB-CP2, NB-ES1L
    2. Lithium-metal batteries bundled with Canon products: Lithium content of each of the following batteries does not exceed 2g: LITHIUM 3V CR123A, LITHIUM 6V 2CR5, CR-2025, CR123A, CR1616 PIRO, CR1616, CR2, CR1220, CR1220-PM, CR2016, CR2032, CR2450
    3. For replacement lithium-metal batteries purchased at retail stores, please contact the manufacturer.
  3. Protecting spare lithium batteries from short circuit.
    1. A battery's electrical connections (also called contacts or terminals,) must be protected from contact with metal or other batteries that may cause the battery to short-circuit. You can do this in several ways. Install the battery in the electronic device Cover the battery with its battery case Keep the battery in its original packaging Place the battery in a separate pouch or pocket (only one battery per pouch or pocket) Place non-metallic adhesive tape over the battery terminals

For more information about battery tips, please go to


For further information:

    Illustrated table of batteries allowed in airline baggage:

    Further information: SafeTravel.DOT.Gov or call the DOT Hazardous Materials Information Center at 1-800-467-4922.

    TSA security restrictions:

This information is for residents of the United States and Puerto Rico only. If you do not reside in the USA or Puerto Rico, please contact the Canon Customer Support Center in your region.

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