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Date 01.01.04
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File Name WD-28
Date 01.01.04
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Date 01.01.04
File Size 207.90 MB
Date 01.01.04
File Size 500.84 KB
Date 07.11.07
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Date 01.01.04
File Size 179.29 MB
Date 03.05.10
File Size 6.23 MB
Date 04.19.10
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File Name BP-2L12 PDF
Date 01.01.04
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Date 01.01.04
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Date 04.19.10
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Date 01.01.04
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Power Supply (rated) 7.4 V DC (Battery); 7.2 V DC (DC IN)
Power Consumption 3.1 W (using viewfinder); 4.1 W (using LCD screen)
Television System EIA standard (525 lines, 60 fields) NTSC color signal
Video Recording system 2 rotary heads, helical scanning system, DV system (Consumer digital system); Digital component recording
Audio Recording system PCM digital sound: 16 bit (48 kHz/2 ch); 12-bit (32 kHz/4 ch); 2 x SP and 3x SP: 12-bit only (32 kHz/2 ch.)
Image Sensor 1/6" CCD (charge coupled device); approx. 680,000 pixels; (approx. 630,000 effective pixels)
Tape Format Videocassettes bearing the MiniDV mark
Tape Speed Sp: 3/4 ips (18.81mm/sec); LP: 1/2 ips (12.56mm/sec)
Maximum Recording Time (with an 80-min. cassette) SP: 80 min; LP: 120 min
Fast Forward/Rewind Time 2 min. 20 sec (with a 60 min cassette)
Lens f/1.8 - 2.3, 10x power zoom, 2.5 -25.0 mmm
Focusing System TTL autofocus, manual focusing possible
Focusing System 3ft. 3 3/8 in (1m); 3/8 in (1cm) on maximum wide angle
Minimum Illumination 2.4 lux using the Night Mode program
Recommended Illumination More than 100 lux
Viewfinder 0.5 in., color LCD (approx 113,000 pixels)
LCD Screen 2.0 in. measured diagonally (approx 130,000 pixels)
Microphone Stereo electret condenser microphone
DV Terminal Special 4-pin connector (based on IEEE 1394)
Video Terminal 1 Vp-p/75 ohms unbalanced
Output Levels -10 dBV, less than 3 kohm, unbalanced
S-video Terminal 1 Vp-p (Y signal), 0.286 Vp-p (C signal)
Input Levels -10 dBV/47 kohm, unbalanced
Operating Temperature range 32-104&deg F (0-40&deg C)
Dimensions 2.0 x 4.4 x 3.5 in. (50 x 111x 89mm)
Weight (not including lens and battery pack) 13.4 oz (380g)

Memory Card

Recording Media MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card
Image Format Design rule for Camera File System (DCF)
Print Order format Digital Print Order Format (DPOP)



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