At the heart of every product, every idea, and every initiative lies the thought: "How will this make the world a better place?" Canon U.S.A.’s deep belief in being socially responsible is what drives our passion and support for programs that support the environment as well as the local communities we’re a part of.

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Preserving the world around us

Photo of a bear with the caption "vice president of cave development."
Photo of an eagle with the caption "vice president of nest development."


Since 1997, Eyes on Yellowstone, an education and research program, has been made possible through Canon U.S.A.’s proud sponsorship with Yellowstone Forever.
Canon’s sponsorship of Yellowstone Forever contributes to important scientific research and helps break new ground in conservation, endangered species protection, and the application of cutting-edge science and technology that is essential to managing Yellowstone National Park’s delicate ecosystems and wildlife.

Connect below to Yellowstone Forever’s Website to access the Old Faithful Geyser live stream.

Live Stream of Old Faithful Geyser Made Possible by a product donation from Canon U.S.A., Inc.


Off-Season Weather

Weather patterns and temperatures can change greatly, especially from day to night, so being prepared for variations is suggested. With the park being less crowded, it is a great time to see the fall colors without the distraction of too many other people. You also stand a good chance of seeing wildlife as they get ready for winter hibernation. Snow can fall as early as October, leading to road closures. Tours are offered on snowcoaches and snowmobiles. After the interior roads close in November, this is the only way to attractions like Old Faithful.

Photography in the Fall

For photographers, autumn at Yellowstone is breathtaking. The grass hills turn a golden yellow. Certain trees and shrubs reveal colors of orange, red, and yellow. Autumn is not a long season in the park, so make the most of shorter days by waking up early and hiking to find a range of colors in shrubs like wild rose, rabbitbrush, and mountain ash.

Canon offers tips on fall photography. Just being at Yellowstone Park in autumn presents a great location to play with color, but remember Mother Nature can’t do all the work.

Use your accessories to stabilize your Canon camera for slower speed shots. Additionally, Canon's Picture Style can help create just the look and feel you want in your fall foliage shots through pre-set options and the Canon Picture Style Special Site.

Testimonial Quote

“Give the tree some dramatic lighting, throw in a compositional aid such as a creek or road, make use of color filter effects, and think carefully about framing and composition — then you’re on the right track to making a great photo that doesn't just rely on pretty colors.”

Wildlife Prepare for Winter

Autumn is breeding season for Elk, and their mating calls can be heard as they migrate, leaving the high elevation grasslands that will soon be covered by snow. The bison also make the trip to lower grounds. Bears can be seen foraging for food to prepare for hibernation. Brown trout become more aggressive in seeking food in cooler waters, venturing further from their homes. This makes for great fishing opportunities before the season ends in November.

Photo of a lake with fall foliage.
NPS / Neal Herbert Fall colors at Sylvan Lake Canon EOS 5D Mark III | EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM 
Photo of blurry light shining faintly through a tree.
NPS / Neal Herbert Foggy Sunrise, Blackail Deer Plateau Canon EOS 5D Mark III | EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM 

Observing the Sounds

The mating calls of the wildlife are an example of the natural soundscape, a resource protected by National Park Service policies. Visitors come to enjoy serenity and solitude and expect to hear sounds of nature. The scientists who study Yellowstone work on creating a 100% immersive experience, even when you can’t visit the park. Telemetry refers to the wireless transmission of information, often via radio waves, from one location to another. Downloadable podcasts can be found on the National Park Service website.

Bull Elk
NPS / Jacob W. Frank Bull elk in Mammoth Hot Springs Canon EOS 5DS | EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM

Winter Amenities

Outfitted with super large tires that float on the unplowed roads, snowcoaches allow you to see Yellowstone’s wildlife and natural beauty up-close. The only traffic you’ll experience may be a bison jam or passing snowmobiles. Adventurous explorers, skiers, and snowshoers are welcome to use one of many warming huts throughout the park to rest up and warm up with a hot chocolate or coffee.

NPS / Jacob W. Frank-A coyote sits in the middle of the park road Canon EOS 5DS | EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM

Holiday Adventures

October offers a unique opportunity to explore the history of Yellowstone National Park in traditional ghost tales and folklore. A stay at a historic hotel, like Old Faithful Inn (opened in 1904), Lake Yellowstone Hotel (opened in 1891), and Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel (opened in 1937) may lead to seeing the spirits of guests from the past. Come Christmas time, many towns host holiday festivals, including dog and horse-drawn sleigh rides. A $5.00 permit from the U.S. Forest Service allows anyone to feel like a lumberjack while cutting down their own Christmas tree.


Yellowstone National Park Biologist

photo of photographer Dan Stahler.


The seminar covers topics, including new insights into the adaptive value of sociality, eco-evolutionary processes, predator-prey and multi-carnivore dynamics, as well as ecosystem and societal impacts of carnivore recovery.


At Canon U.S.A., we don’t just make products that improve people’s lives, we try to design products that have a minimal impact on the environment. In fact, as part of our ISO 14001 certification, we work hard to manage the environmental aspects of our activities, services, and products. 

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