In 1990, Canon became the first company to collect and recycle used copier toner cartridges. With the cooperation of our customers, Canon has collected more than 454,000 tons around the world.


Toner Cartridges and Toner Containers

Unlike Canon's all-in-one cartridges, toner containers are made mainly of plastic material making them suitable for local recycling and local energy recovery in many areas of the country. When local recycling is utilized, the environmental impact associated with the transportation of containers is reduced.

If local recycling or energy recovery is not available in your area, Canon asks that customers ship them to the address below. Both cartridges and containers can be shipped together.

Canon Toner Recycling Center

5980 Industrial Drive

Gloucester, VA 23061

Recycle and Reuse

Toner cartridges are taken apart, sorted, and parts are then reused, recycled, or put through the energy recovery process. This process produces plastics, metals, and reconditioned parts that can be used in the manufacturing of new cartridges and other products.

The goal of this recycling program is to achieve zero landfill waste by reusing parts, recycling materials and employing energy recovery.

CRG-034 Cartridge/Drum

CRG-039 Cartridge

CRG-039H Cartridge

CRG-040 L Cartridge

CRG-040 H Cartridge

CRG-041 Cartridge

CRG-041 H Cartridge

CRG-045 L Cartridge

CRG-045H Cartridge

CRG-046 L Cartridge

CRG-046H Cartridge

CRG-047 Cartridge

CRG-051 Cartridge

CRG-051 H Cartridge

CRG-052 Cartridge

CRG-052 H Cartridge

CRG-054 Cartridge

CRG-054 H Cartridge

CRG-055 Cartridge

CRG-055 H Cartridge

CRG-056 Cartridge

CRG-056 H Cartridge

CRG-057 Cartridge

CRG-057 H Cartridge

CRG-067 Cartridge

CRG-067H Cartridge

CRG-069 Cartridge

CRG-069H Cartridge

CRG-071 Cartridge

CRG-071H Cartridge

CRG-101 Cartridge

CRG-102 Cartridge

CRG-103 Cartridge

CRG-104 Cartridge

CRG-105 Cartridge

CRG-106 Cartridge

CRG-107 Cartridge

CRG-108 Cartridge

CRG-110 Cartridge

CRG-110 II Cartridge

CRG-111 Cartridge

CRG-112 Cartridge

CRG-115 Cartridge

CRG-116 Cartridge

CRG-117 Cartridge

CRG-118 Cartridge

CRG-119 Cartridge

CRG-119 II Cartridge

CRG-120 Cartridge

CRG-121 Cartridge

CRG-125 Cartridge

CRG-126 Cartridge

CRG-128 Cartridge

CRG-131 Cartridge

CRG-131H Cartridge

CRG-137 Cartridge

CRG-324 Cartridge

CRG-324 ll Cartridge

CRG- 332 Cartridge

A30 Cartridge

E20/E40 Cartridge

CRG-P Cartridge

PC Cartridge

EP-22 Cartridge

EP-25 Cartridge

EP-32 Cartridge

EP-52 Cartridge

EP-62 Cartridge

EP-72 Cartridge

EP-82 Cartridge/Drum

EP-83 Cartridge/Drum

EP-85 Cartridge

EP-86 Cartridge

EP-87 Cartridge/Drum

EP-A Cartridge

EP-E Cartridge

EP-H Cartridge/Drum

EP-L Cartridge

EP-P Cartridgev

EP-S Cartridge

EP-W Cartridge

F100 Cartridge

FX-1 Cartridge

FX-2 Cartridge

FX-3 Cartridge

FX-4 Cartridge

FX-5 Cartridge

FX-6 Cartridge

FX-7 Cartridge

FX-8 Cartridge

FX-11 Cartridge

GPR-1 Cartridge

GPR-7 Cartridge

GPR-28 Cartridge

GPR-29 Cartridge

GPR-40 Cartridge

GPR-41 Cartridge

GPR-44 Cartridge

GPR-45 Cartridge

L50 Cartridge

MP Cartridge 10

MP Cartridge 20

MP Cartridge 30

MP Cartridge 40

S35 Cartridge

X25 Cartridge

C120 Toner

C330D Toner

CLC 1100 Series Toner

CLC 5000/3900 Toner

CLC 700/800 Toner

CRG-102 Toner

GP200 Toner

GPR-2 Toner

GPR-4 Toner

GPR-5 Toner

GPR-6 Toner

GPR-8 Toner

GPR-9 Toner

GPR-10 Toner

GPR-11 Toner

GPR-12 Toner

GPR-13 Toner

GPR-15 Toner

GPR-16 Toner

GPR-17 Toner

GPR-18 Toner

GPR-19 Toner

GPR-20 Toner

GPR-21 Toner

GPR-22 Toner

GPR-23 Toner

GPR-24 Toner

GPR-26 Toner

GPR-27 Toner

GPR-30 Toner

GPR-31 Toner

GPR-32 Toner

GPR-33 Toner

GPR-34 Toner

GPR-35 Toner

GPR-36 Toner

GPR-37 Toner

GPR-38 Toner

GPR-39 Toner

GPR-42 Toner

GPR-43 Toner

GPR-48 Toner

GPR-51 Toner

GPR-53 Toner

GPR-53L Toner

GPR-54 Toner

GPR-55 Toner

GPR-55L Toner

GPR-56 Toner

GPR-57 Toner

GPR-58 Toner

GPR-61 Toner

GPR-61L Toner

GPR-63 Toner

GPR-64 Toner

IPQ-1 Toner

IPQ-2 Toner

IPQ-3 Toner

IPQ-4 Toner

NP1010/1020 Toner

NP6/7/8000 Toner

NPG-1 Toner

NPG-7 Toner

NPG-10 Toner

NPG-11 Toner

NPG-12 Toner

NPG-13A Toner

NPG-14 Toner

T01 Toner

T02 Toner

T03 Toner

T04 Toner

T04L Toner

T06 Toner

T07 Toner

T08 Toner

T09 Toner

T10 Toner

T11 Toner

Canon Waste Toner Containers

Canon varioPRINT DP Toner

Canon varioPRINT 6000 Toner

  • Customers are not entitled to tax deductions or rebates for returned supplies.
  • This program may be modified or discontinued without notice.
  • Canon only authorizes the use of this site to print labels to return Canon Brand cartridges/bottles and waste toner containers. Any unauthorized use may result in the return to sender at sender's expense.
For customers in the United States (48 contiguous states)

Please click here to obtain your Canon Return ARS Label. Please be sure to view the Packaging and Shipping Instructions tab.

For customers in Hawaii, Alaska or a United States Territory

Please contact 1-800-OK-CANON.

For customers outside the United States

Please go to

Packing and Shipping Instructions

If possible, please return more than one acceptable Canon Brand item per shipping label to help conserve resources, reduce energy use and shipping costs.

Single Item Return

  1. Repackage the empty acceptable Canon Brand item utilizing the wrapper and pulp mould end-blocks from the new item’s box.
  2. Seal the box.
  3. Print the Canon Return ARS Label.
  4. Secure the label on the box.
  5. Give the package to your UPS driver or drop off at the nearest authorized UPS Store/Customer Center or UPS Authorized Shipping Location.

Bundled Box Return

  1. Complete steps 1-3 from single item return.
  2. Bundle multiple boxes together securely with tape.
  3. Complete steps 4-5 from single item return.

Volume Box Return

  1. Place as many acceptable Canon Brand items that will safely fit into a sturdy shipping box.
  2. Complete steps 2-5 from single item return.

When using the Bundled Box or Volume Box Return options,
please be sure the shipment does not exceed UPS specifications:
  • Maximum weight is 70 pounds
  • Maximum length is 108 inches
  • Maximum girth is 130 inches (length +2 x width +2 x height)

Please Note:

  • For customers wishing to make a return from Hawaii, Alaska or a United States Territory, please contact 1-800-OK-CANON.
  • Do not send defective cartridges for replacement. Defective cartridges under warranty should be exchanged by an authorized dealer or service facility as provided in the warranty.
  • Canon only authorizes the use of this site to print labels to return acceptable Canon Brand items. Any unauthorized use may result in the return to sender at sender's expense.

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