Make genuine, high-quality connections right from your home with this easy-to-use, plug and play webcam alternative. Turn your Canon camera into a remote set-up that can help enhance the way you learn, do business, educate and connect with family and friends online.

EOS Webcam Utility Pro Windows / Mac v2.1

We are proud to announce the release of the pro version of our EOS Webcam Utility software for Windows and Mac, which lets you turn your compatible Canon EOS camera into a high-quality webcam using only a USB cable.


• Works with more of your favorite streaming apps

• Compatible with Windows 10 & Windows 11

• Compatible with macOS 12, 13, 14 and Apple Silicon Macs

• Now compatible with Safari in macOS 14

• Now compatible with Canon UVC-equipped cameras

• Now compatible with over 40 Canon cameras

• Lets you record internally while streaming

• Enjoy FREE webcam use, subscribe to unlock all features!

Two easy payment options available with a monthly subscription for $4.99 per month or an annual subscription for $49.99 per year – both options offer a 30-day trial period. The software will be available exclusively to customers in the U.S.A. 


Monthly Subscription


Annual Subscription

Subscribe and Take Your Video Conferencing & Livestreaming to the Next Level

Upgrade to the subscription version of EOS Webcam Utility Pro that provides the option to unlock extensive new capabilities ranging from multiple camera connections, wireless connectivity, greater camera and content control, high-res upscaling in full HD mode, a maximum frame rate up to 60fps, the ability to output to multiple channels simultaneously and more. 

Multiple Camera Support

Don't settle for one camera view, when you can have up to five!  The subscription version of EOS Webcam Utility Pro let's you connect up to five cameras (via USB) and have multiple angles for all of your projects, from overhead views to close up shots, choose your best angle.

Multiple Cameras

Get Control of your Cameras

Take control of your streaming situation.  When you subscribe for additional features, you get control over your cameras right on your computer.  You can adjust camera settings, and set up different scenes that you can switch to quickly and easily.

Computer options

Wireless Streaming

Why let wires get in your way when you want to stream?  The subscription version of EOS Webcam Utility Pro supports a wireless connection so you can place and operate your camera wherever it works best for you!

Wireless Streaming

Make the Most Out of Your Pro Subscription

Compatible with the Following Applications


* Subscription to a third-party service required. Subject to third party service providers terms and conditions. 
* Neither Canon Inc. nor Canon U.S.A., Inc. represents or warrant any third-party product or feature referenced hereunder. 
* All referenced product names and marks are trademarks of their owners and are hereby acknowledged.

Default Scene
User Custom Scenes MULTIPLE
Multiple Camera Connection UP TO 5
Wireless Connection 1 CONNECTION
Stream to Multiple Channels
UVC Video Input Support Including Capture Cards
Camera Setting Control Manual CONTROL FROM UI
Global Image Adjustment
Scene Layout Editing
HD 720 Support (Digital Upscale)
Full HD 1080 Support (Digital Upscale)
Up to 60fps Support
Control Content by Channel
Video Input Layout Option to Fill/Fit Screen
Flip/Rotate/Resize Video Input
Crop Video Input
Water Mark Insertion - JPEG, JPG, PNG (Alpha Channel Support for PNG)
Crossfade Transition Between Scene
Hot Key Setting
Window Capture
Startup Scene Configuration
New Version Reminder/Install
Dark Mode
Global Hot Key Support
Full Screen Sharing
Canon Camera UVC Input Support One Connection

Select Your Compatible EOS or PowerShot Camera Model Below to Download the Utility

1USB not included with camera

2Wireless feature available for subscribed user

3Wireless features available for subscribed user with use of Wireless File Transfer Adapter

4USB/UVC Connection available

* USB not included with camera.

** Wireless feature available for subscribed user

*** Wireless features available for subscribed user with use of Wireless File Transfer Adapter

**** Windows version will be limited to UVC input

Software Download Instructions

  1. Select your model.

  2. Select the “Drivers & Downloads” tab.

  3. Select the "Software" tab.

  4. Select your Operating System (OS) from the list, if not already detected.

  5. Find "EOS Webcam Utility" and click the "SELECT" button.

  6. Click the "DOWNLOAD" button to start downloading.


Frequently Asked Questions

EOS Webcam Utility Pro offers a value-added subscription option that enhances your camera’s capabilities when connected via USB to both Windows and Mac. Enhancements include the ability to connect multiple cameras, wireless connectivity, greater camera and content control, high-res upscaling in full HD mode, a maximum frame rate up to 60fps, the ability to output to multiple channels simultaneously and more.  

To subscribe, you must have a compatible Canon camera and be using a compatible web conferencing /streaming application

The following operating systems are supported:

Windows 10 & Windows 11

macOS 14, 13, 12 and Apple Silicon Macs

An internet connection is also required for the computer using the EOS Webcam Utility Pro subscription.

A valid payment method (bank issued credit card) and an active e-mail address are required to activate the subscription. Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards or Gift Cards are not a valid form of payment for the subscription service.

The EOS Webcam Utility Pro subscription service is only available in the United States of America.  Customers residing in other countries are encouraged to visit the Canon web site in their region and download the no-cost version of the software. Please note that the no-cost version of the software will not include all of the features offered with the EOS Webcam Utility Pro software. 

Please click here for a step-by-step guide for downloading the software, activating your subscription, and connecting your compatible camera. 

Yes, all new subscriptions come with a free trial for the first thirty (30) days!  Your payment information will be set up at the time of activation, but you will not be billed until thirty (30) days after the subscription is activated.  To avoid being billed after the trial period ends, you must cancel the subscription within the thirty-day trial period. 

All of your subscription information can be reviewed and managed on your MyCanon Account.


Both the Monthly and Annual Plan will start billing immediately after the thirty-day trial period ends unless you cancel during the thirty-day trial period. 

You can cancel or modify your EOS Webcam Utility Pro subscription at any time through your MyCanon Account. Please note that there will be no refund of any advance payments paid for your EOS Webcam Utility Pro subscription if you cancel your subscription.

To cancel:

1.     Log into your MyCanon Account

2.     Go to my Manage Plan

3.     Select Cancel Plan

The cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle for your EOS Webcam Utility Pro subscription.  To avoid being billed after the trial period ends, you must cancel the subscription within the thirty-day trial period. 

Your MyCanon account can also be used to change your subscription, including changing the payment method, or changing the subscription billing term (either monthly or annual billing). 

Please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-800-652-2666.


Turn your EOS Camera into a High-Performance Webcam with the accessories you need, all in one convenient package.

EOS Webcam Accessory Starter Kits

Improve Your Video Quality with Clean HDMI

The clean HDMI functionality on your compatible EOS camera is typically used in a video scenario to record the image externally for films. Using a separate HDMI capture device (required), you can also use it as a webcam to livestream with your computer. With your EOS camera now attached to the computer through HDMI, you can achieve:

 Better image quality than most built-in webcams

 High resolution capability ― including up to 4K resolution and higher frame rates ― and external audio options

 Using a compatible Canon camera or camcorder for high-end gaming/streaming and recording applications



Step-by-Step PDF Guide


Current Clean HDMI Compatible Products

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