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EOS Rebel SL2: Advantages of DSLR

Advantages of DSLR

Advantages of DSLR Cameras Advantages of DSLR Cameras

Minimal Lag Time, Steady Shooting

Composing your images through an optical viewfinder is a traditional method which helps you really connect with your subject. It’s also great when bright sunlight makes it difficult to effectively use the LCD screen. An optical viewfinder allows you to see your subject as it moves in real time and capture it with virtually no lag time between pressing the shutter button and getting the shot.

Track Subjects Better

Use a DSLR camera to capture decisive moments with fast frame rates. The optical viewfinder means you can take advantage of the camera’s high-speed autofocus to capture dramatic movements and action. A DSLR camera is great for never missing a second, whether you’re shooting wildlife, sports or everyday scenes like your child or pet on the move.

High Image Quality

A DSLR camera combines a large CMOS (APS-C or full-frame) sensor with an advanced image processor for high image quality in a range of different shooting situations. Never settle for second best with a DSLR camera – the large sensor means your memories can be captured in the best way possible, with no compromises in image quality.

Choices in Abundance

Whatever you want to capture, whether it’s landscapes, portraits, travel, family shots or anything in between, Canon has a lens which is ideally suited to the situation. As you learn and grow with your DSLR camera, you can choose from a wide variety for a new lens to match the job and provide the experience and results you'll cherish.