Inspiration is all around us.

Canon is currently presenting their comprehensive education program at 11 prestigious universities around the country that offer degrees in documentary photography and photojournalism, cinematography, and the arts.

Join some of Canon's Explorers of Light members as they inspire the next generation of image makers and storytellers.

Canon Explorer of Light Natalie Keyssar at the University of Missouri

Documentary photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Natalie Keyssar visited the University of Missouri School of Journalism to give a talk on what it's like to be a photojournalist.

Natalie Keyssar

Canon Explorer of Light Krisanne Johnson at Ohio University

Renowned documentary photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Krisanne Johnson, visited Ohio University’s Scripps School of Communication. This video documents the three days she spent with students at her alma mater and the numerous activities she conducted including classroom takeovers, portfolio reviews, a general presentation of her work, two location workshops, and editing and critique sessions, among other activities.

Insiration Natalie Keyssar

Canon Explorer of Light Atiba Jefferson at The University of Oregon

Canon Explorer of Light, Atiba Jefferson, recently visited the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon. This video documents Atiba’s 3-day visit, which included classroom takeovers, student portfolio reviews, Canon product demos, a main presentation of Atiba’s work, and a hands-on student workshop at the local skate park, led by Atiba.

Insiration Natalie Keyssar

DoP and Cinematographer Claudia Raschke at Indiana University

Award-winning Director of Photography and Cinematographer Claudia Raschke visited Indiana University. During her visit, Claudia held several workshops. During her lighting workshop, she showed the students her techniques for setting up a scene and lighting a room. During her Verité workshop, she taught them how to see in 360° and rely on their instincts to follow a story. She also held one-on-one critiques with the students giving them a new perspective on their projects.

Inspiration Claudia Raschke
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