Picture Ideas for Your Canon IVY

If you’re like most people, your smartphone is full of images that capture good times with your family and friends. But if you never print these photos, you’re missing out on opportunities to share your memories and see them in a whole new way. Why not create fun photo projects featuring the people, places and moments that make you smile?

The Canon IVY 2 Mini Photo Printer creates adhesive pictures – or peel-and-stick pictures – that you can place on almost any surface. It’s a pocket-sized, “take it anywhere” photo printer with a USB charging cable to keep the fun going. And with the Canon Mini Print App, you can enhance your photos with filters and effects. For even more portability and fun on the go, try the Canon IVY CLIQ 2 and IVY CLIQ +2 and print your photos right from the camera!

If you’re always on the move, remember to stock up on replacement photo sheets so you don’t run out of paper. But don’t worry, all IVY printers and cameras never need ink – Canon Zink Photo Paper has all the color your printed photos need.

The Canon IVY family of printers and cameras are the perfect tools to build a collection of photos for fun DIY projects. You can create a sticker book, scrapbook, or photo journal to showcase all of your favorite shots – no glue or tape needed. Encourage your friends or siblings to join in, so you can trade photos and come up with other creative photo project ideas.

Here are Some Photography Ideas to Get You Started

At School

Pose with your friends and take the perfect selfies. The Canon IVY CLIQ 2 and IVY CLIQ +2 cameras have a large, 2-inch selfie mirror and built-in ring light to help you look your best. Would you like to enhance the photos a bit? No judgment – Canon IVY has you covered with filters via the Canon Mini Print App. Add some emojis and frames, then print, peel and stick your photos to your notebook or your locker. You can even create a photo collage to include all your besties.

At the Shopping Mall

Grab a pretzel or a smoothie and wander around the mall with your friends, on the lookout for sales. Try on some outrageous hats for fun and take photos to show off your finds! The Canon Mini Print App even has AR Live filters with face tracking, so go ahead and add an AR filter with crazy glasses to your outfits.

Before Family Dinner

Think about what you love most about family dinners. Is it helping to prepare the meal? Conversation about your day? The home-cooked food? Whatever it is, take some photos that capture the essence of what a night in with the family means to you. With the Canon Mini Print App, add the date and use the black-and-white filter to create a classic mood and a sweet memory.

At the Dog Park

Get ready for some action shots! Grab your dog and your Canon IVY CLIQ 2 or IVY CLIQ +2. Excitement tends to unfold a mile a minute at the dog park, whether it’s pups getting in tiffs or playing their hearts out. Take selfies with your dog and get some hilarious shots of your pup playing with some canine pals. And if your pup makes a friend, you can make one, too, when you instantly print and share a photo sticker of the pup pals.

Person with Dog Taking a Selfie

At the Coffee Shop

Cute baristas and picture-perfect macarons — the local caffeine hotspot is filled with photogenic moments. Take some snaps of the ones you love best. Try capturing the details of your coffee cup, the frothy texture of a cappuccino or the swirls in a latte. Experiment with different angles to highlight the beauty of your favorite brew. With the Canon Mini Print App you can create larger, tiled versions of your latte art to stick in an album or on the wall.

At Your Friend's Party

Weekends mean parties. It’s the perfect time to pose for some pics as you shake the week off. If there's dancing, head to the dance floor and capture the energy. Encourage your pals to strike playful poses and take those snaps. Hang a sheet of paper, and with Canon IVY’s pictures that stick to the wall, you can all enjoy the memories you’re creating in real time. You can even use Canon ZINK Pre-Cut Circle Stickers for variety. The Canon Mini Print App has plenty of custom filters, frames, text, emojis, collage prints and more to make your images as lively as the party.

Now Get Crafty!

Now that you’ve built up your photo collection, it’s time to get crafty. Choose a title or theme for a sticker album, such as "A Day in the Life" or "Best Friends." Decorate the images with text, stickers and frames with the Canon Mini Print App. Then, print, peel and stick your Canon IVY photos into an album or onto a sheet of paper. When you are done with one theme, try other interesting photo ideas, themes or projects – like starting a bullet journal or creating unique and personalized gifts for family and friends. Ask your friends and family to suggest picture project ideas that you can work on together.

Preserving your memories is about remembering the simple things that bring you joy: laughing with friends, sharing a meal with family, goofing around at the mall — the list goes on. Capturing those moments and adding them to fun, creative projects with Canon IVY is a great way to make those memories truly unique and special.

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