Bring Your Canon IVY Wherever You Go For This Photo Project

Something photo-worthy happens every day. But sometimes we forget to actually snap the picture. When you bring your Canon IVY CLIQ 2 with you everywhere you go, you’ll be ready to document any moment, big or small.

Once you build up a collection of photos, you're ready to start a fun and easy photo project. By now, you know that your Canon IVY CLIQ 2 prints photos that peel and stick. That's why we suggest creating a DIY sticker book to showcase all of your favorite shots, no glue or tape needed! Encourage your friends or siblings to join in, so you can trade photos and have fun collecting them all in one place.  

Here are some ideas for fun daily photo ops to build your collection.

At school.

Take plenty of candid shots with friends between classes, posing for selfies at your locker (you can always stick your photos to your locker for decoration!). If you’re working on a group project, maybe you take a few photos of your classmates in the midst of collaboration. Or, document your commute to/from school — whether you walk, bike or drive (just be alert while crossing the street!).

During soccer practice.

Snap a few action shots of your teammates on the field. Then, hand your Canon IVY CLIQ 2 to a teammate and ask them to take some photos of you showing off your fancy footwork. 


At the shopping mall.

Grab a pretzel or a smoothie and wander around the mall with your friends, on the lookout for sales. Try on some outrageous hats and funky leggings for fun. Take photos to show off your finds!


Before family dinner.

Think about what you love most about family dinner. Is it helping to prepare it? Conversation about your day? The home-cooked food? Whatever it is, take some photos that capture the essence of what a night in with the family means to you. 


At the dog park.

Grab your pooch and get ready for some more action shots! Excitement tends to unfold a mile a minute at the dog park, whether it’s pups falling in love, getting in tiffs or playing their hearts out. Take selfies with your own dog and get some hilarious shots of your pup playing with some canine pals.  


At the movie theater.

Nothing beats meeting up with friends at the movies. Take a selfie in front of the marquee with the name of the movie you’re seeing to commemorate it. Then, snap some photos goofing around with your popcorn and drinks before you head into the screening.


At the coffee shop.

Cute baristas, latte art, picture-perfect macarons — the local caffeine hotspot is filled with photogenic moments. Take some snaps of the ones you love best.


At your friend's party.

Weekends mean parties! It’s the perfect time to pose for some pics with your bae or your squad as you shake the week off.


Now get crafty!

Now that you’ve built up your photo collection, it’s time to get crafty! Choose a title or theme for your sticker album, such as "A day in the life" or "Squad!" Then, peel and stick the photos into the album or onto a sheet of paper and add doodles, quotes, captions and whatever else inspires you (you’ll also have plenty of photos to add to your bullet journal).

When you think about an average day in your life, you should be reminded of all the simple things that bring you joy: laughing with friends, sharing a meal with family, goofing around at the mall — the list goes on. By preserving those images in one or more sticker books, you can commit the good times to memory, forever. 

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