Back to School Crafts & DIY School Supplies

5 A+ Ideas for DIY School Supplies

Back to school time is here and that means new school supplies! This year, get creative and personalize your school gear so it’s one-of-a-kind, just like you. All you need is your Canon G-Series MegaTank Printer (with the MegaTank, the ink reservoir just keeps giving), the Canon IVY Mini Portable Photo Printer (photos double as stickers and you can add your own fun filters) and our free, downloadable templates and you’re off to the races. Think of all the possibilities — printable bookmarks you don’t dare lose, DIY lunch labels that double as conversation starters and photos of your best friends — all decorating your phone or tablet. If you want your school supplies to be just a little bit extra, keep reading.

Make a Bookmark

You know it’s true — the book really is always better! Download this free bookmark template and print it with your G-series Printer. Then, without fear of losing your place, let the back to school reading begin.


Make Some School Supply Labels

Build your own workstation for maximum productivity. Find a quiet space in your house or room and designate it your “office.” Recycle a few jars and put them to use as storage containers for pens, pencils and paperclips. Use these downloadable labels to help organize your own workstation, stocking it with all the supplies you’ll need so you can minimize distractions and focus on making the grade.


Create Lunch Box Labels

Print this cheeky “brain food” label for your lunch. Not only is it an affirming message, but it’ll also keep you from avoiding any potential lunch mix-ups with your classmates. The labels are customizable, so you can add your name and phone number, just in case your lunch bag or box gets lost.


Make Personalized Photo Stickers

Print out your favorite snaps of friends and family using your IVY and stick them on your tablet, laptop and cell phone case. Use filters and frames so they’ll make you smile, even when you’re cramming for that calculus test.

Label Your Folders

No need for boring labels! You can print your own adhesive photos for each of your subjects using IVY, take photos of colorful numbers or equations and print them for your math notebook, folder or binder or use an image of a favorite novel or motivational saying for your English folder. Whatever you choose, let your imagination run wild.

On the first day of school, everyone is trying hard to make a good impression. Stand out with these inspired, DIY school supplies and your year will already be off to a great start.

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