Life in Color: The Best Printer for Arts & Crafts

When you take on a craft project, you want it to look just as vivid on paper as it does in real life - and the key to that is color. The darker shades should create depth and body, while the lighter hues highlight the standout features of the image. The more vibrant your creation, the better it will jump off that white wall and liven up your space. Here are some bright DIY projects that take advantage of that color pop.

DIY Pop Art

Good crafts don't have to be difficult. In fact, some of the best call for just three things: A PIXMA printer, a mobile app, and some thrift-store frames. That's all you need to transform your pictures into pop art. Pick your best and brightest snaps, then designs, stickers, text, or borders to them with the A Design Kit app from A Beautiful Mess (this works out well, since you can send your finished products from your smartphone right to your PIXMA printer wirelessly via the Canon Print App). Throw your creations in those vintage chartreuse frames you found at the thrift shop, and you're done.

Life in Color: The Best Printer for Bright DIY Projects
Pop Art

Create Custom Favor Tags

You know what makes good art even better? Good art that involves food. A daring burst of color can turn just about any snack container - especially party favors and treat bags - into a bona fide craft project. Because devices like your PIXMA printer work with sticker paper, you can label your popcorn containers, cookie tins, and candy jars with any logo you can dream up (or find on the Internet). When you insert the sticker paper, just set your PIXMA printer to "Matte photo paper" and cut out the designs to shape. Might as well accent those bins with a little washi tape, while you're at it. Because more color is always better.

And Some Popcorn Art

Easy Photo Covered Journal

Speaking of projects that are friendly for all skill levels, a few minutes of printing craftiness can elevate your journal from a simple notebook to a guaranteed conversation starter. To create a photo-covered journal, just pick up a hardcover journal and print two colorful, statement-making photos - you might adhere to a theme, such as your favorite snap from a hike for a meditative journal, or a picture of your past work for an artist's scratchpad. Make sure you print the pics about a ½-inch bigger than the front and back covers of the journal (with a PIXMA iP8720 printer, you can fit both on one sheet), then cut them out, glue them to the covers with craft glue, and trim the excess. For an extra-crafty touch, use the craft glue to affix a strip of colorful fabric to the journal's spine. After all, any good journal should be plenty personalized.

Easy Photo-Covered Journal

Make a Photo Clipboard

Vibrant color and lively movement go hand in hand, like those unforgettable moments you captured at that summer concert, food festival, or 10K race. To recreate that same sensory excitement, give the DIY photo gallery clipboard a shot.

Start by using your digital camera or smartphone camera's "burst mode" when you take your snaps. This setting takes tons of photos in quick succession, making it ideal for action shots. Once you've got your images, send the best ones to your PIXMA printer wirelessly and print them as borderless images on semi-glossy photo paper. Now you're ready to make the base of your clipboard. First, paint a smooth wooden plank with your choice of acrylic colors (use a few different shades to really boggle the eyes). Hot glue a few clothespins or binder clips (which you can also paint with metallic spray) to the plank, let dry, and clip on your photos. Mount it on the wall to add a splash of color, movement, and life to any room in the house.

Still wondering how to you make your colors pop? The first step is to use the right tools. Your PIXMA printer using Canon genuine ink can create colors as bold as you see them in your mind's eye, with features like ChromaLife 100 and 100+ dye ink for more vivid and permanent images.

Colorful Clipboard Gallery


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