Firmware Notice: CR-N500: Firmware Version 1.2.0

Firmware Version 1.2.0 incorporates the following enhancements and fixes::

  1. Adds support for SRT protocol.*
    *SRT Protocol: A widely used video transmission protocol for video streaming and live broadcast, developed and open sourced by Haivision and supported by the SRT Alliance.
  2. Adds support for free-d protocol.*
    *free-d protocol: A widely used protocol for camera tracking communication, mainly in virtual studio systems.
  3. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the pan/tilt/zoom to not move to the correct position during prolonged continuous power supply.
  4. Fixed a bug in 'Genlock function'.
       However, when using the Genlock function, select Level A as the mapping method for the output signal of the 3G-SDI connector. If you select Level B, the V phase may shift.

Update the Firmware from the camera's Settings Page. For details, refer to the camera's User Manual.

To help obtain optimal performance of this camera, we recommend that you also download and install the most recent versions of Canon Software Applications.

<Firmware file>
- crn500-v120.bin

The firmware contains software modules developed by third parties. The details are available in the download: Readme-E.txt. The Third-party Software License (ThirdPartySoftware-E.pdf) and the license conditions are available in the OpenSource Folder which is inside the LICENSE folder.



Download Firmware Version 1.2.0 for the CR-N500.

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