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Support for Remote Controller

RC-V100 Remote Controller

The versatile RC-V100 Remote Controller for EOS C-Series Digital Cinema cameras and the XF705/XF405/XF305/300/205/200 Professional Camcorders and the ME20F-SH and ME200S-SH Multi-Purpose Cameras provide full access to all important user functions. In addition to basic controls - start/stop, shutter/gain adjustments, zoom/focus/iris parameters, custom picture values, white balance, black gamma and more – the new remote can be used to adjust various menu settings. It also features illuminated pushbuttons with audible feedback to confirm each setting change. A SETUP mode lets you customize a number of key rotary controls, as well as user procedures and operating modes.

The RC-V100 is powered from the connected camcorder via a 15-foot (five-meter) cable. A USB port enables the unit’s firmware to be updated to support future remote-control functions.