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Canon is the Presenting Sponsor of the 2017 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

October 7 - 15, 2017

Check It Off Your Bucket List

Travel to the Land of Enchantment and scratch the 2017 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (AIBF) off your bucket list. Canon is the Presenting Sponsor for AIBF's nine-day event, an annual celebration that summons photographers and Fiesta-goers from across the globe to capture nearly 600 hot air balloons as they soar into the New Mexico sky. Make sure to swing by our Canon tent on Main Street where we'll be providing hands-on demonstrations, exclusive Fiesta discounts, Camera and Lens Clean & Checks,* and more.
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Educational Photo Walks Around the Fiesta Grounds***

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Daily Sweepstakes Prizes†

*Limited to two products per customer per day. Two products are defined as two Canon EF Lenses, two Canon DSLR Cameras, or a single DSLR Camera and single EF Lens combination. Restrictions apply. Visit the Canon tent for all information. **Limited quantities available on a first come, first served basis. Restrictions apply. Visit the Canon tent for the full terms and conditions. ***Sign up at the Canon tent for Photo Walks. Space may be limited. †Visit the kiosk inside the Canon tent for official Sweepstakes rules.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Video Highlights

Explore AIBF through the eyes of our Canon videographers. From high above the New Mexico desert to ground level at our bustling Canon tent, prepare for this year's festivities - or relive last year's unforgettable display - with our exclusive AIBF video collection.

Sneak a peek at an exclusive interview with our Canon Balloon Pilot at the 2016 AIBF. watch now

Catch a glimpse of the spectacular fireworks display at the 2016 AIBF. watch now

Join #TeamCanon member Valerie as she journeys through the 2016 Canon tent. watch now

Feel the anticipation build as hundreds of balloons take flight in this 45-second time-lapse. watch now

Hot Air Balloon Photography Tips from Canon Explorer of Light Ken Sklute

For AIBF attendees, there's nothing quite like the sight of approximately 600 hot air balloons filling the New Mexico sky. Learn which equipment to bring - and how to compose eye-catching images from above - with these tips and tricks from Canon Explorer of Light Ken Sklute.
Balloon's Eye View

Photographing From Above: A Balloon's Eye View

Hot air balloons offer passengers a 360-degree view like no other - especially when photographed at sunrise. Take advantage of every awe-inspiring angle, including the unique shapes and patterns to the left, right, above, and below you, with these in-flight photography techniques.
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Balloon's Eye View

Composing Balloon Images with Light

As the sun gently rises, hundreds of pilots take to the skies at what's considered one of the most photographed events in the world. For visitors, this means there are endless opportunities to photograph the excitement floating through the air. Whether capturing the fiery reds, yellows, and oranges of the balloon's flames or the contrasting patterns against the crisp blue sky, explore the many ways light can be used to add depth and dimension to your scene.
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Balloon's Eye View

Photographing the Balloon Glow!

When the sunlight fades and the night sky darkens, head to the field - and get your camera ready - for the AIBF Balloon Glow. This can't-miss event adds a beautiful glow to the desert landscape as pilots inflate their balloons and fire their burners to illuminate the evening sky. Learn how to experiment with your camera's exposure settings, including aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, to capture the glowing balloons en masse.
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Balloon's Eye View

Get Your Ballooning Images Moving with Time-Lapse!

Want to remember each moment of the Fiesta from start to finish? Consider shooting a time-lapse video for a fun way to document the high-flying action. This photography technique makes it possible to capture a series of still images and assemble them together to show the passage of time. Choose a safe, elevated location - away from the hustle and bustle - and keep these other time-lapse guidelines in mind.
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