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Compact-Servo lenses: Versatility
Compact-Servo lenses

Small Size, Feature-packed Design

Compact-Servo lenses are designed to be workhorse lenses for many forms of video production. They cover a wide range of commonly used focal lengths, can be used manually or servo controlled, take advantage of electronic interface control with the camera and can be used with standard lens accessories.

Focal Length

The wide zoom range of the COMPACT-SERVO 18–80mm T4.4 EF and COMPACT-SERVO 70–200mm T4.4 EF is highly versatile, allowing the Compact-Servo lenses to be your main “go to” lenses. The generous 10mm overlap helps minimize the need to switch between lenses in the midst of a “fast-action” shoot. Go from wide angle to extreme telephoto with just two lenses. The 70–200mm T4.4 EF is also compatible with Canon's EF 1.4x III and EF 2x III extenders.

Focal Length Focal Length

Compact & Lightweight Design

Compact-Servo lenses borrow from Canon’s experience in EF lenses to deliver a compact and lightweight design. This allows lenses to be used in a wide range of shooting applications and environments. Both lenses are just 7.2 inches long, with the COMPACT-SERVO 18–80mm T4.4 EF weighing 2.65 lbs. and the COMPACT-SERVO 70–200mm T4.4 EF just 2.76 lbs.

Manual Operating Ease

Servo controls on Compact-Servo lenses can be disengaged for the focus, iris and zoom rings. All three rings are designed for smooth, fluid operation. In full manual mode, the barrel rings are direct controls for precise adjustment. The focal length can be set and with minimal focus breathing each Compact-Servo lens can function as a variable prime. The focus ring rotates 130 degrees for precise focus mark settings. The rings are geared to engage separate accessory controllers.

Manual Operating Ease Manual Operating Ease

Manual Operating Ease

Servo Zoom Drive Unit

The built-in servo drive controls zoom and can be powered through the lens mount or a separate port. It is compatible with Canon zoom and focus broadcast style controllers and an optional Zacuto® Z-CNYC Y-cable can be used to connect both zoom and focus controllers to each lens, allowing for simultaneous remote operation. For handheld use, the ZSG-C10 Zoom Servo Grip can be mounted directly to the servo drive of both Canon Compact-Servo lenses.

Servo Zoom Drive Unit Servo Zoom Drive Unit
Servo Zoom Drive Unit Servo Zoom Drive Unit

AF and AE Capability

Ultrasonic Motor (USM) drives provide fast and quiet autofocus. Select Canon EF-mount Cinema Cameras with Dual Pixel Autofocus are supported. Canon Electromagnetic Diaphragm (EDM) technology incorporates a motor directly to the lens iris for precise and smooth auto exposure response.

EF Communication Functions

Compact-Servo lenses are designed to work with select Canon EF-mount Cinema cameras. Because these devices are designed to function together, the complete kit adds enhanced functionality. Integrated autofocus, smooth image stabilization, connected control and metadata information, and lateral chromatic aberration correction are all included when using compatible Canon EF-mount Cinema cameras (EOS C700 / C300 Mark II / C100 Mark II).

  • Compensation of chromatic aberration of magnification*
  • Compensation of peripheral light illumination
  • Metadata acquisition
  • T-number indication (selectable)*
  • Remote control from camera body or RC-V100 (Focus / Zoom / Iris Drive)
  • Remote control from browser remote (Focus / Zoom* / Iris Drive)
  • Zooming operation by up and down key of joystick of grip attached to the camera
  • REC start / stop (ZSG-C10)
  • Dual Pixel Focus Guide*
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • One-Shot AF/ Continuous AF
  • Push auto iris / Auto iris

*EOS C100 Mark II not supported

Supports a Wide Range of Optional Accessories

Compact-Servo lenses are compatible with a variety of professional lens accessories. The front diameter is 84mm for mattebox mounting with a removable sunshade included. The COMPACT-SERVO 18–80mm T4.4 EF and the COMPACT-SERVO 70–200mm T4.4 EF both accept 77mm screw-in filters. An integrated support foot can be used to stabilize the lens on standard camera bracketry, and the zoom, focus and iris rings are geared for use with follow focus and remote motors. The optional ZSG-C10 Zoom Servo Grip mounts directly to either lens for handheld use and control of zoom, One-Shot AF and record trigger. The optional Zacuto® Z-CNYC Y-cable can be used to connect both Canon zoom and focus broadcast style controllers simultaneously for remote operation.

Optional Accessories Optional Accessories

Studio Applications

The optional Zacuto® Z-CNYC Y-cable allows for simultaneous use of zoom and focus controllers with both Compact-Servo lenses.

Studio Applications Studio Applications