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If you are looking for a versatile, fast and easy to use large-format printer, designed to handle all corporate and CAD printing applications - from intricately detailed drawings to full color posters and presentations - then you need look no further

Quality, Speed & Reliability

In this video, Lesko Architecture speaks about how their imagePROGRAF printer is helping them work quickly and more productively.

A fine line between direction and design

When using CAD to define anything important - elevations, functional structure, utilities- you need documents that are precise and true.

A fine line between ridge and ravine

When you work with geographic information, there’s no room for poor registration. You need a map with crisp, fine lines and rich colors.

There's a fine line between great blueprints and the blues

Working on a project with other subcontractors can be stressful.  If documents are out of registration you might mistake a mile for a meter.