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Endless Possibilities

A Lens for Every Vision

For every congregation, attention to detail is just as important as the overall ministry itself. This means finding the right tools to focus on the parts of a service that matter most. Canon offers a full line of incredibly sophisticated cameras and lenses that add variety and creative freedom to any A/V staff’s toolbox.

A Camera for Every Scene

Canon’s Cinema EOS cameras are designed to work with a variety of lenses to bring out the best in image performance. Powered by large Super 35mm CMOS sensors, they can deliver high-resolution, brilliant-quality productions, even in extremely low-light situations. With Cinema EOS cameras, you can create a beautifully cinematic look no matter your current lens options.

CMOS sensors

A Wide Range of Accessories

Whatever your production, Canon is primed with an incredible breadth of accessories that are designed to optimize your workflow and perform seamlessly with Canon products. From camera grips to LCD monitors, you have a choice in how you can customize your equipment to best suit your needs.

EOS C700 System Accessories
Lens System Basic Configuration Accessories

RC-V100 Remote Controller Support

Camera settings can be accessed and controlled from a distance using Canon’s RC-V100 Remote Controller, which plugs into compatible cameras through the remote terminal on the rear panel. This optional accessory allows image quality adjustments and camera operations to be set from a distance.

RC-V100 Remote Controller