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Connect Station App

Connect Station App

with a Touch –
The New
Connect Station App

Relive your memories easily with the new Connect Station app! By seamlessly linking your compatible smart device with the CS100 device, it provides a swift and simple way to view and transfer your favorite photos.



Connect in one simple step – just starting the app lets you automatically detect and connect
to your CS100 device* for easy access to your photos.

Your photos will display almost instantly after connecting.


Sort and See on the Go

View all the photos** on your CS100 right from your compatible smart device!
You can even sort by specified shooting date to see just the photos you want.



Transferring your favorite photos is easy and quick. Select multiple files, or even
multiple albums when saving, to upload or download them from compatible devices.
Now it’s easy to share photos between your devices.


OS Version iOS 8.4/9.3
Android 4.4/5.0–5.1/6.0

Supported file format

Display†† Still Image JPEG, CR2 (Display internal JPEG)
Movie Display MP4/MOV/MTS as thumbnails only (Playback is not possible on a smartphone)
Download Still Image JPEG, CR2 (Download internal JPEG)
Movie Not possible
Upload Still Image JPEG
Movie Not possible

Available Now On

  • App Store
  • Google play


The Canon Connect Station CS100 device requires a firmware update to enjoy the full benefits of the new smartphone app. Now available, you can perform this update
when prompted on your Connect Station CS100.

* Select the CS100 to connect to when there are multiple CS100’s in the same infrastructure.
** Updating the CS100 to the firmware with added functions, and viewing from the CS100 dedicated smartphone app are necessary conditions.
† As of July 14, 2016.
†† Non Canon images that are EXIF compliant (including smartphone images) can be displayed, but operation is not guaranteed.

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