The Wireless Remote Application that Streamlines Multi-camera Workflows for Cinema EOS and Professional Cameras

The free Canon Multi-Camera Control App1 can control multiple Cinema EOS cameras or XF605 camcorders from an iPhone via Wi-Fi. The free app allows for control over recording start and stop, focus, zoom and iris, ND Filters, ISO, Shutter, White Balance, and Custom Picture Profiles all while viewing the image.

  • App enables control and monitoring of multiple cameras.
  • Quick and convenient access to camera settings and a preview of each camera’s video feed.
  • Create up to five camera groups with up to 4 cameras per group.

Supported OS/Languages

  • Supported OS: iOS 16
  • Available for Free on the App Store
  • Supported UI Languages: English and Japanese

Supported Cameras

Camera Control

For camera operators that are working with multiple live cameras, managing a shoot can be challenging, especially when working alone or with a small crew. The Canon Multi-Camera Control App helps to manage these situations by supporting camera control and preview of live video for up to four cameras simultaneously.

Operators can more easily manage multi-cam shoots with the App as the settings for each camera can be viewed on an intuitive dashboard with frequently used functions easily within reach. Start/Stop Recording, Exposure, ISO/Gain, shutter, iris, focus, Custom Picture Profiles, and other important settings can be viewed and controlled in real-time. Media card status can also be monitored, allowing an operator to keep track of memory usage. The App also supports switching between media slots.

Easily Access:
  • Live Video Preview for Up To Four Cameras
  • Start/Stop Recording Button
  • Battery Life and Media Card Status
  • Camera Setting Dashboard
  • Active Assignable Buttons Saved on the Camera Body

Multi-Camera Control App Demo

Multi-Screen View Enables Simultaneous Control of Multiple Cameras

With the multi-screen viewing option, up to four cameras can be monitored. Start/Stop recording for all four cameras can be initiated at the same time.

With Simultaneous Control Enabled:
  • Tap "Start" to start recording on all cameras at once
  • Tap "Stop" to stop recording on all cameras at once

Note: This provides simultaneous control of all cameras.

Multi-Camera Control App Demo

Status Display:
  • Live View
  • Audio Level Meter
  • Camera Name (Nickname)
  • Record Status
  • Time Code
  • Power Remaining
  • Media Cards

Multi-Camera Control App Demo

The App’s Live View can also be adjusted for viewing larger or smaller images from the cameras according to preference.

Tap to Switch Displays

Multi-Camera Control - Switch Displays Demo

Camera Status and Camera Controls

Scroll through the Canon Multi-Camera Control App to quickly check camera status and access camera settings.

Screen Transition Controls (Jump to Function Screen After Pressing Button):
  • Shutter
  • Iris
  • Exposure
  • ISO/Gain
  • Zoom
  • ND
  • Focus
  • White Balance
  • Custom Picture
  • Face Detection
  • Media | A <-> B

Operational Controls (Button Controls):

  • Assign Button
  • Tracking | Enable <->Disable

Multi-Camera Control App Demo

Changing Camera Settings

A variety of camera settings can be adjusted easily using the Multi-Camera Control App. Controls are simple and intuitive, allowing for quick adjustment of camera settings wirelessly.

Multi-Camera Control - Changing Camera Settings Demo

Camera Registration and Group Configuration

Camera registration on the App is quick and easy via the App’s built-in auto-detection feature. Up to five groups can be created with up to four cameras in each group.

Status Display:
  • Camera Groups (up to 5) - Switch tabs to easily change the cameras in use. Dividing cameras into groups according to purpose makes setup more efficient.
  • Cameras to Operate (up to 4) - Displays the camera to operate with the app.
  • Camera Register - The auto-detect feature popular with the Remote Camera Control App (RCCA) is also supported with the Multi-Camera Control App. Auto-detect cameras to simplify connection with the smartphone.

Multi-Camera Control App Camera Registration Demo

Getting Started with the Canon Multi-Camera Control App

Product Specifications

Live View

ON/OFF display

Multiple camera display, camera select

Audio Level Meter Display

Level meter only

Audio is not sent to the app


Position control

Speed settings


MF control, speed settings

AF Setting

AF Speed

AF Mode

AF Response

AF Lock

One-Shot AF

AF Frame Size/Position

Detection/Tracking Settings

Face detection/tracking

Cancel tracking/Touch tracking

Face detection AF/AE

Eye detection


Auto/manual switching

Manual operation


Density settings

Advanced settings


Auto gain

ISO/gain settings

Advanced settings


Setting mode configuration

Value settings


Mode setting


Preset select (sunlight, incandescent light)

Color temperature settings, CC settings

White balance correction (A, B)

AWB hold

Assign Key

Camera assign buttons 1-4

Connection Status

Status between app and camera


Protect display


Remaining recording time

Selected media

Internal Recording Status

External Recording Status

Recording Method

Slow & Fast recording/Interval recording Frame recording, etc.

Special Recording Status


Camera Name

Display name

Camera Info

Model name

Lens Name

Zoom Position

(fixed lens cameras only)

Focus Guide Frame

AF Frame


ND Density


Angle/Time/Hz/open status


Image Quality


Color Gamut


Select mode/color temp

Recording Format



Power Supply

Remaining battery time, etc.


Cooling fan operation

Available On

App Store Download

For Additional Help & Support, please click here.

1. Available for download from the Apple App Store.

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