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accusoft pegasus logo

Pegasus Imaging

Accusoft Pegasus offers document imaging and forms processing technology as software development toolkits and applications. Features include ISIS; scanning, TWAIN scanning, cleanup, annotation, redaction, document viewing, image processing (anti-alias, deskew, despeckle, binarization), barcode, ICR/OCR/OMR, file conversion, printing, and more. Products are delivered as .NET components, DLLS and applications.

affirmative technologies logo

Affirmative Technologies, Inc.

Affirmative Technologies, Inc. is a recognized leader in developing electronic payment software through a hosted ASP model. Affirmative's wide range of product offerings working in conjunction with Canon check scanners to include check processing solutions for Check 21, ARC, RCK, and BOC. Whether you are a financial institution, merchant biller, or check recovery agent, Affirmative Technologies has the solution to meet your payment needs.

AIG logo

Anderson Imaging Group

Anderson Imaging Group is a scanning software developer. AIGScan software captures and processes check and remittance images. Featuring a modular architecture, AIGScan is custom configured to match job requirements. Features include computer assisted data entry, barcode recognition, ICR, bidirectional linking to SQL/ODBC databases, and MICR code line parsing.

ARC logo


Adopting Check 21, truncation or ARC does not require an investment in expensive transports and hardware. Take advantage of Aperta's check and remittance processing suite and select Canon check scanner devices to introduce these new initiatives into your existing processing system. Reduce operational costs and improve margins by converting paper into images in the back office. Aperta's solutions integrate with your current workflow allowing adoption of key-from-image and electronic processing, reducing operational costs, widening processing windows or go straight to truncation at an affordable cost.

AQ2 logo


Solutions for automated payments capture, processing, management and delivery. AQ2 transforms paper-based payment processes into streamlined digital workflows by seamlessly integrating imaging, data recognition and data management technologies. Our solutions create an environment that enables organizations in a wide variety of industries to manage payments according to their existing and evolving business needs.

Atris Logo


Atris delivers branch and merchant capture automation software to streamline retail banking operations. FlexTeller is a proven, user-friendly teller solution delivering intuitive Check 21 image capture at the teller window and back counter. Benefits include courtesy and legal amount recognition and virtual item creation to support the most demanding processing environments at any financial institution.

Automated Systems Logo

Automated Systems, Inc.

The Insite Check Imaging solution is an integrated suite of check image software modules that combines check image capture, workflow, archival, retrieval, distribution and exception item handling technologies seamlessly into the Insite Banking System application. Insite Check Imaging improves check handling operations and increases profitability by reducing the number of times an item is handled in the system. Its open architecture is designed for future upgrades and enhancements.

Bluepoint logo

Bluepoint Solutions

Bluepoint Solutions (now a division of Allogent) is a leading innovator in remote deposit capture, image-based item processing, enterprise content management and receipt management. Adhering to strict best practice standards, Bluepoint delivers proven technology solutions and consulting services designed to achieve the strategic goals of increased employee productivity, reduced operating costs and improved customer service.

Business Imaging Systems logo

Business Imaging Systems, Inc.

Business Imaging Systems, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a systems integrations firm supplying specialized micrographics systems. They have grown to provide complete document management solutions, allowing their customers to work smarter, not harder. The company offers a variety of document capture, document management and data distribution products and services such as: check and document scanners from leading hardware manufacturers, software development, systems integration, professional services, and data conversion services

CA Associates Logo

C&A Associates, Inc.

C&A Associates, a software development company is an industry leader in branch and check imaging processing that use certain Canon check scanners, making imaging affordable for financial institutions and business accounts. All software has ben certified to be in compliance with FFIEC. Contact Bill Moss at or call 1-800-679-7764.

CFS Logo

CFS Solutions

imageWizrd Process and Archive takes the captured images from the ImageWizrd Capture item run and organizes them into a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet. The line item on the spreadsheet corresponds to the MICR line on the customer's check or deposit. Using Microsoft Excel allows the customer to take advantage of several of the resources of excel such as copying, pasting, cutting, sorting, formulas, etc. The result of using excel makes the system much more user friendly and error free. ImageWizrd captured items can also be organized into a database for easy retrieval.

CMS logo


CMS's Capture Anywhere/Key Anywhere remittance processing system is positioned to leverage the low cost, high capacity Canon check scanner. Canon's high capacity check scanners will be used to capture the images of checks and stubs in remote locations and imported into the CMS lockbox application for payment processing. This scanner will allow CMS and our customers to cost effectively expand their remittance capture capabilities nationwide.

Clear Vision logo

ClearVision Technologies

ClearVision Technologies offers a Windows-based, total imaging solution. With a fully image-enabled Proof of  Deposit suite, remote branch capture, commercial capture, and microfilm replacement, we are dedicated to providing solutions to your imaging needs. Our financial imaging package offers core-independent solutions to render statements locally or centrally, transfer image cash letters to the clearing house of your choice, fraud protection, CAR/LAR recognition, browser-based research, report management, disaster recovery, key-from-image, batch processing, advanced security features, and much more.

Contact Innovations logo

Contact Innovations

A pioneer and leading North American solutions provider in desktop check imaging, Contact Innovations now supports select Canon check transports, Combined with the ImageArchive line of products, Canon CR-Series scanners allow financial institutions and other check handlers to scan, index, store, transact and retrieve items within seconds and at a very affordable price. With the implementation of Check 21, ImageArchive products enable participation in a fully integrated check truncation via an easy-to-use, scalable imaging solution geared to fit one's budget.

Creditron logo


Creditron is a leader in providing payment and receivables solutions to customers. Their software, ItemAge Express, enables banks, business, government entities and non-profit organizations of all sizes to leverage the power and efficiency of a proven, industry leading payments processing system.

Check 21 logo

Data Financial

Data 21's "Check 21 Solutions" division offers the complete line of DCP Check imaging solutions for the Canon Check scanners that can be purchased as a simple Microfilm Replacement solution and upgraded to a branch capture, merchant capture or full remittance processing system with A/R posting and X9.37 or X9.100-180 formatted image cash letters. DCP systems are installed in over 200 Banks, Credit Unions and a wide variety of Merchant applications..

eDoc Innovations logo

eDOC Innovations

eDoc Innovations: the nation's only CUSP based on electronic document management technology. With over 500 clients utilizing comprehensive edocument solutions in both "service Bureau" and in-house environments, EDI provides paperless software to a myriad of clients utilizing different data processors. Collaborative business solutions for forms, receipts, statements, reports and check21.

Ensenta logo


Now a division of Jack Henry & Associates, Ensenta's award winning Check21 technologies provides a full range of financial self service solutions for banks and credit unions. With our digital deposit suite, consumers can conduct financial transactions in convenient branch, retail, employer and home locations including over 2,200 ATMs and kiosks. At Ensenta, our technology is our differentiator. Our unparalleled web-based EZ Admin back-office allows financial institutions to centrally monitor and process transactions that originate from a wide range of sources; kiosks, ATMs, home scanners, branch scanners and more. While our "best-of-breed" risk management algorithms look for errors and inconsistencies.

FIS logo


FIS is the world's top-ranked technology provider to the banking industry. With more than 24,000 experts in 100 countries, FIS delivers the most comprehensive range of solutions for the broadcast range of financial markets, all with a singular focus: helping you succeed. Every FIS solution has the strength you need for profitability today and the power to help you manage whatever comes next.

Fiserv logo


Fiserv addresses the challenges of Check 21 with our Source Capture Solutions for distributed image capture. Source Capture Solutions, while using a Canon check scanning device will allow banks to take the image capture process out to the original source of items, such as corporate/merchant locations, bank branches, bank cash vaults, at an ATM, or at a point of sale. Source Capture Solutions consist of a base system, plus optional components that address the individual input sources.

Harland logo


ActiveView Item Processing is a third generation image processing solution that delivers breakthrough improvement in check processing by leveraging patent-pending recognition technology, including automated CAR/LAR and advanced database design. Most transactions running through ActiveView IP are automatically balanced without operator intervention, providing maximum efficiency with dramatic reduction in amount entry workload.

IBT logo


At IBT our mission is to facilitate the electronic exchange management, protect financial data through the development of a simple and secure application, consolidate financial data and images from multiple sources, and shape this information into a productive and manageable form enabling financial institutions while mitigating risk.

infoscore logo


PayData.NET streamlines the process that is used in collecting, sorting, imaging, processing, depositing and archiving financial transactions. We help businesses process and archive payments and documents efficiently using our products and services, including; Check21, Lockbox, Merchant Services and Integrated Remote Deposit Capture.

ifs logo

Integrated Financial Systems

Integrated Financial Systems OdinCheck-21 effectively replaces check microfilming and offers Check-21 related features for remote item capture, while providing substantially robust database driven item research capabilities. Combined with the speed, durability and other features of certain Canon check scanners, OdinCheck-21 offers exceptional value and performance as a Check-21 oriented microfilm replacement solution.

IMM Logo

Integrated Media Management

Integrated Media Management (IMM) specializes in Output Management and Document Automation Technology. IMM's Total e Receipts automates the output of teller receipt transactions. The Teller Item Capture add on captures checks at the Teller line with CAR/LAR and IRIS technology and embeds checks with Archived PDFs and is able to send check data out to the FED, Corporate CU, or any End-point for check clearing.

Jack Henry Logo


Vertex Teller Capture allows tellers to complete transactions at the teller window. Customer transactions are images, electronically read and encoded, posted, and sent to Check 21. JHA's next-generation check imaging platform - 4lsight Check Imaging - revolutionizes item processing by converting paper-based checks into digital images and processing them electronically. This solution deploys a competitively distinct, three-tier architecture that provides variable geographic deployment options, operational flexibility, scalability and transport independence.

Jaguar logo

Jaguar Software

Jaguar Software, headquartered in Sullivan, Illinois, is committed to developing and delivering check imaging and document management systems for financial institutions of all asset sizes. They currently have installations in 14 states integrating with 10 core banking products. Their MirrorImage Check Imaging System is a sophisticated, modular and user-friendly software suite aimed at providing solutions ranging from microfilm replacement to branch capture and complete image POD. They enable customers to take full advantage of the provisions of Check 21 by allowing for the receipt and transmission of image files in several different formats and the printing of substitute checks.

MVI logo


MVI provides a Certified Check 21 program for both large and small financial institution customers. Canon's full line of check transports includes check scanners suitable for main office and larger branch offices as well as teller and small branch solutions. Our Check 21 solution also allows each customer to set a matrix of definable quality assurance tests including ICR and OCR in order to maximize check capture accuracy and help reduce manual corrections.


Northwest Bank Technologies Logo

Northwest Bank Technology

Northwest Bank Technology is an industry leader in check imaging and transmission systems for banks and credit unions. NWBT's branch capture solution uses select Canon check scanners that can perform remote capture and transmit functionality. Item capture, CAR/LAR, and Visual Proof functionality are integrated into MIPS (Micr Item Processing System). Check image statements and image archive are also available. Most important, NWBT's MIPS software is Check 21 compatible allowing transmission of image files to and from FED as well as other image exchange entities.

PST Logo

Precision Software Technologies, Inc.

EZ-Scan software is the most versatile check imaging solution on the market with support for select Canon Check Transports. Utilizing the EZ-Scan solution, one can easily organize captured data and images to provide not just microfilm type storage, but have full searching, printing, e-mailing, reporting, and exporting capabilities of captured images and data. EZ-Scan is Check 21 compliant and easily integrates with current imaging and data systems.

Profit Stars logo


ProfitStars, a division of Jack Henry & Associates, is a leading provider of proven technology solutions and payment processing services designed to improve the operating performance of global financial institutions of all sizes. Our branch deposit automation, ATM, and remote deposit capture solutions benefit financial institutions with less work, faster transactions and fewer errors, simultaneously maximizing cost savings and improving the customer experience.

RDM logo


RDM is a leading provider of specialized software and hardware products for electronic payment processing. RDM has pioneered electronic check conversion systems and web-based image and transaction management services for banks, retailers, payment processors and government agencies as well as print quality control and image quality systems for a variety of global customers.

RP Solutions logo

RP Solutions

RP Solutions is an inspired document imaging, remittance processing and electronic payments solutions provider. In business since 1995, RP Solutions helps organizations realize the benefits of electronic payment processing with products including a remote deposit solutions for merchants, advanced customizable product suites for high volume payment processors and an online payment gateway. ExpertRPS is a full featured remittance processing solution. AR Express and RD Express, for remote deposit, allow businesses to deposit checks electronically via Check 21. From expert design consultation to on-site implementation to exceptional support, RP Solutions is well known for delivering a superior customer experience.

RT Lawrence logo

RT Lawrence Corporation

The RTLFiRST Remittance Solution coupled with Canon's highest volume check scanner provides an ideal payment processing solution for organizations with a low/mid range of daily processing volumes. The desktop unit can process check/stub payments with ease utilizing RTLFiRST and state of the art recognition technology to automate and speed up payment processing..

Software Earnings logo

Software Earnings, Inc.

First Touch iCapture is a simple to use suite of solutions that allows banks and their merchant or corporate clients, to capture the images of deposits where they are first touched and send them over a secure line for immediate deposit at the bank, eliminating the physical transportation of checks.

Square 9 logo

Square 9 Softworks

Square 9 Softworks, a leading developer of document management solutions software has successfully tested select Canon check scanners with Square 9 Check21 for electronic check presentment, CAR/LAR and remittance processing as well as with SmartSearch for TWAIN-based check archiving.

Sydel logo

Sydel Corporation

Sydel Corporation offers an inexpensive solution for the scanning, MICR reading, storage, and retrieval of check images for financial institution checks using a web-based application named CheckXpert that allows true management of check inventory for both regulatory source checks (i.e. Federal Reserve) and in-house checks and reconciles the checks to the core system.

TMR logo


Therefore Corporation makes information management software that helps companies all around the world to work smarter. Our technology integrates with the Canon hardware and solution portfolio. This gives Canon partners the opportunity to provide their customers with complete solutions.

tricerat logo

tricerat Inc.

Simplify Scanning is a high speed scanning solution for virtual and remote environments. Eliminate driver device management and the need to install drivers with our universal virtual scanner driver.

Upland FileBound logo

upland FileBound

FileBound is an affordable document management solution that can be deployed locally, outsourced as a hosted service, or as a network appliance. FileBound provides the office automation you need to streamline operations to reduce costs and improve results.

upland AccuRoute logo

upland AccuRoute

AccRoute enterprise-class document process automation platform from Omtool is the server-based software for the deployment of solutions to capture, process, deliver and archive critical business documents. The AccuRoute software uniquely delivers flexible, distributed document capture out-of-the-box with a highly scalable infrastructure, extensive capabilities, configuration flexibility and the ease of use necessary to implement simple or complex solutions involving hundreds or millions of documents per month.

Disclaimer: Please contact the software company for the latest software version. Canon presents these products and solutions as some may be helpful to you, or may be compatible with your Canon products. Canon does not warrant or guarantee these third-party solutions in any way. Canon has no responsibility for your use of these third-party products and solutions, or their compatibility with Canon products.

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